Sarah Palin's Campaign Clothes: Where to Start Searching

Where have Sarah Palin's campaign clothes gone? And where should you start looking?


Where Are Sarah Palin’s Campaign Clothes?

Betty has 10 places to start the search!

-The Mean Bettys

Sarah PalinThe election has come and gone, but apparently Sarah Palin’s campaign clothes are still MIA.

Yep – that $150,000 wardrobe that caused such a stir has either been donated “in a quiet and respectful manner ” (according to Meg Stapleton, Palin’s spokesperson), is sitting in giant plastic bags at RNC headquarters, or … who knows?

We of course can’t say for sure – but we have 10 very good places where investigators might want to start looking for those missing duds!

1. Pants and skirts have gone to the taxidermist to help stuff some of the wildlife on display in Sarah’s Alaska home.

2. Stockings are now used as nets for fly-fishing.

3. Michelle Obama took Sarah’s black suits and yanked off the sleeves (the better to show off her arms!).

4. Scarves double as oil rags for snowmobiles.

5. Blazers are burp cloths for Tripp.

6. Wolf-fur (from all that “predator management!”) + blue suit = Britney’s chimp outfit!

Sarah Palin Britney Spears

7. Sarah’s white blazer is reversible! Child protective services is now using it as a straight jacket/chastity belt for Octomom.

8. Ruby slippers were given to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who can now click his heels three times and go home from the national political stage.

9. Jessica Simpson is so resourceful — she turned Sarah’s black leather skirt into “husky size” leather pants. (Insert your own lipstick on a pig joke here.)

Sarah Palin Jessica Simpson

10. The Girl Scouts are sewing her old clothes into “You Betcha” merit badges.

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0 thoughts on “Sarah Palin's Campaign Clothes: Where to Start Searching

  1. Wasn’t Jessica just celebrated on this website for her real-woman curves?

    I’m wondering … where is the Temple of Obama set, with its faux Greek columns, designed by Britney Spears’ concert team, where Barack gave his stadium speech to the DNC? Isn’t that where they found trash bags full of American flags after the event (treated respectfully, of course)?

  2. I don’t really care for Jessica Simpson but she really isn’t husky sized. This is why the stars start becoming anorexic. All that matters is that she is comfortable with herself. I can’t see how she would be with all the media making fun of her. I think everyone just needs to lay off and let her be herself without all the ridicule about her weight. The Octomom she definitely needs that straight jacket. She is a nut through and through.

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