Scary Celeb Stalkers

This week's celeb stalker news has been downright scary.

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Scary Celeb Stalkers

Frightening women stalking Paula Abdul and Sandra Bullock

-Carrie Seim

Paula Abdul Goodspeed It’s not easy to muster sympathy for celebs whining about too much attention. (Quick tip: stop shopping at Kitson and eating at NoBu.) But this week’s celeb stalker news has been downright scary.

A woman obsessed with Paula Abdul apparently committed suicide near the singing/dancing/slurring star’s home.

Paula Godspeed, 30, had been intensely ridiculed while auditioning for American Idol, but apparently remained obsessed with Abdul. [We thought about posting the youtube video here of Goodspeed’s audition but that seemed just too sad. -Editors]

And another celeb stalker, Marcia Valentine, was sentenced to three years of probation Thursday after pleading guilty to stalking actress Sandra Bullock. Valentine, 47, had also faced a felony charge of assault with a deadly weapon after attempting to run over Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, with her Mercedes-Benz.

While family members of the Abdul-infatuated Goodspeed insist she was not a stalker, her activities and life-sized drawings of Abdul suggest otherwise.

Goodspeed’s brother, Charles McIntyre, told E! News that while his sister had been a fan of Abdul’s since childhood, “It wasn’t excessive like they said on TV.”

But Goodspeed’s body was found in a car with the license plate “ABL LV” and a photo of Abdul hanging from the rear-view mirror, according to the Associated Press.

Police told the Los Angeles Times that she was “known to the LAPD’s threat management unit, which investigates stalking cases.”

Bullock testified that her stalker had left “weird signs” and “pieces of animal fur” in the actress’ front yard.

While the bizarre details of these cases sometimes inspire macabre comedic fodder, they’re ultimately bone-chilling.

As MSN points out, these stories can turn from peculiar to fatal in a matter of moments. The site offers a comprehensive history of celebrities who’ve been stalked, including Uma Thurman, David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jodie Foster, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sheryl Crow.

Guess you know you’ve truly really made it when someone’s trying to cause you bodily harm. That’s Hollywood for you.

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