Secrets of Glamour Magazine's Beauty Director

Top beauty tips from Glamour Magazine's beauty director.
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Secrets of Glamour Magazine’s Beauty Director

Top beauty tips from top beauty editor Felicia Milewicz

-Lois Joy Johnson

Felicia MilewiczMy mentor Felicia Milewicz has chiseled cheekbones, strong dark brows, flame-red hair and a classy European accent that makes Ivana Trump and Heidi Klum sound bland. As the beauty director of Glamour magazine she addresses her 12 million readers (women age 18 to 39) with practical, accessible beauty solutions. We worked together and became lifelong friends at the now defunct (but very missed) Mademoiselle magazine. Ever since I’ve been trying to decipher the secret of her incredible style and beauty — that elusive, almost genetic kind of chic European women like Felicia seem to be born with. Here in her own words, Felicia reveals for her personal views and her 10 top beauty secrets:

1. Hair is like food. Don’t be afraid to try new things.
We’re always fighting our natural texture … straight hairs want to be curly and vice versa. Every woman needs a wardrobe of hair solutions to deal with weather, humidity and last minute situations. When the weather is humid or rainy, I don’t fight it but let my hair revert to its naturally curly state, and make the most of the texture. Other days I’ll blow it straight and smooth for a polished look. Being prepared and knowing how to use products for different effects is being beauty smart. Insisting on the same look every day or perfection is a waste of time.

2. Wear makeup.
I think not wearing makeup – especially to work – is like saying I don’t care. Nature is OK up to a point. We all need a little help. Wearing too much is just as bad as wearing none. Some women pile on too much of everything – face makeup, blush, eye makeup and lipstick – and it looks vulgar.

3. Stop over-tanning and love your real skin tone, whatever it is.
I’d rather have a little natural sunshine (with a sunscreen of course!) and get a subtle glow than have a fake bake or worse – a real bake! Go for that that faint, healthy outdoorsy freshness with 20 minutes outdoors. We need a little bit of sun for vitamin D and it’s a great antidote to depression. Use blush to provide more warmth and a glow.

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