Seven Days of Sex: Talk about a Challenge!

One woman tries out Pastor Ed Young's Sex Days of Sex Challenge.


Seven Days of Sex Recap

Could the pastor meet his own challenge?

-Stephanie Elliot

couple kissingSo last week, Reverend Ed Young, of Grapevine Texas’ Fellowship Church issued a challenge to his married members of his congregation to have sex for seven days straight. Me, I love a challenge, so I put Hubby to the test.

Here’s how the week played out:

Day One: Fortunately, we had Day One already sealed before we even knew about the challenge so technically, all we had to do was get through six more days of lovin’.

Day Two: This one was easy too, because it was Sunday, and weekends with three kids in the house are usually easier for sneaking away. Plus, I was going out shopping and lunching with friends, so I kind of felt like I had to leave Hubby with a little somethin’ somethin’!

Day Three: This day was pretty nice actually. We knew the evening would be crazed so I mentioned to Hubby that when his alarm went off in the morning, if he just wanted to stop on over my side of the bed, he was more than welcome to come on over to say hello! Talk about starting the day off right!

Day Four: I like to call Day Four “The-Shelf-Is-Broken” Night. Here’s the short-story version: When we have a family dinner, (far and few between) we like to share with everyone the best and worst parts of our day. Well, I actually prepared a meal on Day Four. It was going to be Hubby’s lucky night – a meal and some loving! While dinner was cooking, I asked him to come upstairs to help me fix a “broken shelf” in the closet (our CODE!). He fixed the shelf alright, and then we came downstairs for dinner.

During dinner, our oldest asked, “OK, what was the worst part of your day, Dad?”

He begins to tell the kids: “Well, the worst part of my day was that when I first started to fix the shelf upstairs it was pretty hard to do. The nuts weren’t fitting right and it was pretty tight, but then I got them screwed in just right.”

Of course, he and I were cracking up over this while the kids were probably wondering why the closet shelves keep breaking!

But we moved along and everyone shared their worst part of their day until it was Dad’s turn to share the best part of his day. You guessed it: When he finally fixed THAT shelf!

Day 5: Day Five was moving along fantabulously, the kids were in bed, it was about 9:45 p.m. and we were loving each other and being attentive to one another, which I think was one of the points to this challenge. To spend time with your spouse and connect, but then … THEN our DAUGHTER came into the room, and don’t ask about the logistics but yes, I was facing the door, and yes, the door was cracked a bit, so I went with the old logical standby of …


And when she grabbed my cell phone on my nightstand and opened it to shed some light to help me FIND my sock, well, I then screamed, “OH HERE IT IS! I FOUND MY SOCK!”

I told her to go into her room while I put my socks back on and I’d be in to tuck her in. (And the answer to your question is OF COURSE WE DID!) … Then I tucked her back into bed.

So, for obvious reasons, neither of us felt up to the challenge of getting caught on Day Six! Plus, Day Six was just a late night of guitar lessons and lots of homework and Hubby got home late, and kids had stomachaches and stuffy noses. Factor all that in and by the time I got into bed, Hubby was snoring away, and Day Six was just NOT going to happen. Plus, five days of doing it is A LOT OF WORK! I could use a break!

And even Reverend Young was struggling with his own issued challenge of Seven Days of Sex! Straight from The New York Times:

It is not always easy to devote time for your spouse, Pastor Young admitted. Just three days into the sex challenge he said he was so tired after getting up before dawn to talk about the importance of having more sex in marriage that he crashed on the bed around 8 p.m. on Tuesday night.

Mrs. Young tried to shake him awake, telling her husband, “Come on, it’s the sex challenge.” But Mr. Young murmured, “Let’s just double up tomorrow,” and went back to sleep.

At least I outlasted the Pastor!

Stephanie Elliot is Betty’s Lit Lounge and Parenting editor, and she also answers your parenting questions at Just Another Manic Mommy. Visit her at or

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