Sex Theme Park Pulls Out of China

Sex theme park pulls out of China, plus a tour of sex museums around the world.

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Sex Theme Park Pulls Out of China

Plus a tour of sex museums around the world

-Carrie Seim

Chinese government forcing developers to pull out early on the nation’s first sex-themed amusement parkIt was a case of coitus-museum-interruptus in China this weekend.

The Chinese government forced developers to pull out early on the nation’s first sex-themed amusement park, after officials deemed the park “evil.”

Love Land, slated to open in October, was designed to open minds – and a few legs. The park had planned to feature giant-sized genitalia, sex technique classes, a photographic history of sex and sexual education classes.

Instead, a wrecker’s ball was aimed at the crotch of a set of gigantic female legs, meant to welcome wide-eyed visitors to the park.

After news reports on the erotic park circled the globe, the Chinese government scheduled an emergency inspection over the weekend, according to The Guardian. Chinese officials called the park “vulgar” and without healthy or educational merits.

“It had had an evil influence on society and had to be torn down immediately,” a local Chinese publicity official told the Global Times newspaper.

Sarah Jacobs, curator for the Museum of Sex in New York City, told that she was unclear on what exactly the Chinese theme park would have encapsulated.

“We’re always really excited when there are other institutions that are trying to talk about sex and sexuality in a really honest and educational manner,” she said.

But she cautioned, “We have to ensure those institutions are … not just trying to use sex under the guise of education, but are really trying to fulfill that mission.”

Speaking of guises, the Amora Academy of Sex and Relationships, which opened in London in 2007, also had high hopes as a dirty Disneyland. The park offered an orgasm tunnel and a giant “wall of willies.” But it, too, was met with premature evacuation, closing after only a few months of operation.

So what are voyeuristic vacationers to do?

Luckily the world’s still serving up plenty of sexually explicit attractions.

You could make a sultry summer vacay out of visiting the Museum of Sex in New York City, the World Erotic Art Museum in Miami and the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas. (Love how Vegas attempts to make their museum sound ancestral – like visiting Colonial Williamsburg or something. They should offer a “real 21st century working brothel” exhibit.)

Or if you’d prefer to head abroad with your bad self, you’ve got plenty of open-minded options in Europe. Paris presents the Musée de l’Érotisme, Hamburg hosts the Erotic Art Museum, Barcelona boasts the Museo de la Erotica, Berlin brags about their Beate Uhse Erotic Museum (which they claim, according to Wikipedia, is the world’s largest erotic museum), Venice vets contemporary erotic art at the Museo d’Arte Erotica and Prague produces the Sex Machines Museum.

Yes, you read that correctly. A museum devoted to sex machines.

But why stop on the curious Continent? Russia, China, India, South Korea and Japan have all aroused attention with their sex museums.

And if you’d prefer a stay-cation sex-cation, there’s always the internet. The World Museum of Erotic Art awaits your climactic clicks!

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  1. i feel that, even though a sex theme park may be over the top, the world and especially this country needs to be more open-minded about the act itself and sexuality. children and young adults need to be educated early on – think about this: how many teen girls get preggers a year? how many GLBT kids kill themselves because they think their feelings are wrong? how many people globally have an STD or worse…even HIV/AIDS? more openness would cure some of that i think. opinions???

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