Sex and The City 2 Fashion Lowdown

You want to know what Carrie's wearing, and we're telling you everything!
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Sex and The City 2 Fashion Lowdown

You want to know what Carrie’s wearing, and we’re telling you everything!

-Cindy Pearlman

Sex and the City

It’s time to Carrie on. Forget about what happens to Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big, or if Charlotte loses her mind as a new mom. It’s interesting to see Samantha back on the prowl and Miranda trying to trust Steve again. He’s a bartender. She can only hope for the best!

The real question when it comes to the much anticipated Sex and the City 2 sequel is simple. What will the ladies be wearing? “The fashion really is another character in the movie,” says Sarah Jessica Parker who promises that SATC 2 “won’t disappoint on that front.” Costume designer Patricia Field has confirmed that white plays a large role in the movie because the action takes place over seven weeks during the summer. “I’m going for a new look and new elements,” promises Field.

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After all, three out of the four girls are married and they’re somewhat settled or unsettled about the traditional roles they’ve found themselves in. The gang is moving on with their lives when we meet them two years post-Carrie becoming Mrs. Big. What’s a girl a little bored with marital bliss to do, but grab three girlfriends and travel for a lush Middle Eastern vacation where she runs into an old boyfriend named Aidan Shaw? Don’t worry. He’s dropped the turquoise jewelry that he was famous for wearing in the show.

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0 thoughts on “Sex and The City 2 Fashion Lowdown

  1. I found an exact replica of the white Halston dress that SJP wears in all the posters… it’s from XOXO and it was only $59. But when I tried it on, the skirt part was completely see-through and the top v-neck was cut weird. I was so disappointed… I had spent a LONG time searching for the dress for less. But besides that, these outfits are all so cute and worthy of copying!

  2. I feel like some celebrity cloths just look like bags that are put on a human. Granted, that might be the fashion statement but I personally don’t get it.

  3. Sorry; the baggy clothes are not the fashion statements I’d hoped they’d show in this film. Kim Cattrall’s clothes are the closest I’d say are “fitting.” SJP’s figure is too stringy and knobby to look good in well-made clothes…which her’s aren’t BTW. Disappointing after all the build-up.

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