Post-Baby "Sex Life"

A woman seeks advice about how to handle her boyfriend's dwindling sex drive.


Post-Baby Sex Life

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I’m in a long-term committed relationship with a man and we have a four-month-old child together. Ever since we got the go-ahead to have sex post-baby it seems as though I am much more into it than he is. We have sex maybe once every two weeks and that just isn’t enough for me. I thought it was my post-baby body that was turning him off but then he recently told me that he also hasn’t been masturbating in the last two months. Is there something wrong with him? What can I do to help him … and myself?

Avery: At ARG we are not medical professionals so I cannot answer whether there are any medical reasons for him not to engaging in sexual relations.

My suggestion would be to ask him if there’s something bothering him. It may be the case that the change in your relationship (before – just you and him) has been so affected by the new baby that’s it’s affecting his sexual performance. He may be going through some mental trauma of his own that caused him to lose his sex drive. If there was something in particular that you both enjoyed sexually before the baby arrived, I’d suggest trying that to see if those past moments can be relived and maybe “kick start” your sexual relationship in order to move forward.

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