Should Little Girls Dance Like Beyonce?

... Especially when they're dressed like that!
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Should Little Girls Dance Like Beyonce?

… Especially when they’re dressed like that!

-April Daniels Hussar

Single ladies dance

A while ago I wrote about my shock at seeing a little girl channel Lady Gaga – from the incredible voice to the extreme makeup to the gyrations to the Vegas-style hooker boots. So when I saw the video making its way across the Web of a dance team comprised of little girls in, essentially, bikinis, performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” at the World of Dance competition, I thought I’d give the topic a pass. I don’t want railing against our permissive, over-sexualized society to become my beat. (I’m really not a stick-in-the-mud, honest!) But I can’t help it—after seeing what a huge reaction the video has caused and the fact that people are defending it … here I go!

But first – if you haven’t seen it, you should watch for yourself …

Damn, right? If you’re like me, your first thought was WOW – those girls are amazing dancers!

And your second … what the hell are they wearing?!

Because to me, that’s really the issue here. The moves, OK – they’re pretty, shall we say, sophisticated. But had these little girls, who are reportedly 8- and 9-year-olds, been wearing something else – say shorts and t-shirts, or even leotards and tights – the whole effect would have been something entirely different. And the focus would have been on their considerable talent, where it belongs.

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There’s been a huge “public outcry” since the video hit the masses last week, and the parents of the girls have gone on the defense. Melissa Presch, one of the moms, told Inside Edition, “I’m shocked, quite frankly, that people would suggest such things and say such things about 8 and 9 year old girls.” She says the girls got their moves from the Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel movie — not Beyonce’s music video.

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34 thoughts on “Should Little Girls Dance Like Beyonce?

  1. Yikes! Who let these kids do this? As April said, the dance is one thing, but adding those costumes makes it so much worse. Beyonce’s outfit was more conservative than this!

  2. I’m going to platy devils advocate here first and say the bottom line is if you look into the world of dance, jazz, tap, ballet, and figure skating, they wear bodysuits that are just as revealing and frilly. And 2 pieces as well. And listening to Beyonce’ is not a big deal. I vaguely remember listening to ‘Toy Soldiers’ in the 80’s at a young age, singing the lyrics and having no idea that it was about cocaine. Whatever. But the way they were dancing was completely unacceptable. They were dancing like hoochies at a club. Young girls dancing and being taught the art of dance is one thing, but pumping their rear ends like that is a ‘sexual’ inuendo. I blame 2 sets of ppl here. The dance instructor that taught them this dance and the parents for allowing it. There has to be a line drawn b/c despite the fact that the parents don’t see anything wrong with it, there is some freak pervert out there watching this drooling and maybe doing someone else to it. Because you can be darn sure those ppl are out there and it is OUR job as parents to protect our children from them. Bottom line.

  3. I can’t watch the viedo, and won’t!!!!! What the hell is wrong with these parents!!!!!My God where is the dad in this???????No wonder young girls are having SEX at 12–14–!!!!!! This is just Porn for you know who!!!!I must go throw up!!!!!

  4. I am shocked! I have an 8 year old and I wont even let her wear a bikini swimsuit!
    But I would love to dance like that, I’m sure those parents are proud of their daughters talent, but shouldnt they have worn black leotards instead, like Beyonce or cute little dresses if they got it from the chipmunks movie? Those chipmunks are not dressed that way! I’m just saying come on they grow up too fast nowadays anyway!

  5. I think if they just did the dancing, it might not have been such a problem. The clothes, Ugh hello? First off, I would start with slapping their Moms! Then, where is their Fathers. Our daughter is 13 and she takes dance. My husband freaks out because she wears a leotard and tights. She is fully covered from neck to toe. Then I calm his down. That’s how it’s supposed to work, not take your daughters to hooker day. I see it everyday. Slut Moms walking around town with their little “mini thems”. It’s gross and more important, dangerous!!!

  6. If the mom of one of these 8 or 9 year old girls thinks it’s okay that her daughter dance and dress like a little hooker/hoochie mama, then she should be prepared for this same little girl to probably become pregnant for flaunting herself the way these little girls are dancing. This is shocking and I’m no prude! I would never let a little girl dance this way at their age! It’s not appropriate and I think it invites pedophiles to watch and …..well, I won’t go there. There are too many other types of dances kids can learn besides shakin’ what their mama gave them even though they don’t have any yet…. Why even give these kids the idea it’s okay to look like this? It’s trashy and sad that the moms are living out their own fantasies through their daughters!!!

  7. I think the parents of these girls need their heads examined. I heard the comments of some of the parents, and they find nothing wrong with the way the girls were dancing. No matter how you try to justify the video, IT’S CLASSLESS!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I know that competitive dance outfits are often revealing, even on young girls, and if it was just that I wouldn’t have a huge problem with it. (I DO have a problem with the sexy costumes that young dancers wear in general, but I know it’s fairly standard in the sport so I don’t think this example is too terribly over the top.) If they were wearing those costumes and doing, say, ballroom or jazz or tap or whatever without the overly sexy Beyonce moves, that wouldn’t be a big deal. And if it were the opposite — doing the sexy moves (because let’s be honest, competitive dance does have a lot of sexy moves sometimes, even for kids) in more conservative outfits like a leotard or a chipmunks-esque skirt/shirt set, it wouldn’t be a big deal to me either. But when you’re putting a little girl in lingerie and teaching her moves that were not designed for competitive dance (or for traditional social/exhibition dancing, for that matter) but for bumping and grinding at a club or showing off Beyonce’s ass in a music video, you are sexualizing her. I’m sorry, but you can no longer deny it at that point.

    There’s a big difference between a group of well-covered cartoon animals doing the Single Ladies dance and a group of real, live little girls doing it while dressed in what are basically nothing more than bras, panties, and socks clearly designed to look like thigh-high stockings & garters. They might as well be wearing stilettos instead of jazz shoes.

  9. Oh, and the fact that these girls ARE clearly so talented makes it even worse, in my opinion. They could have done anything that was thrown at them, I imagine, so why did their choreographer/instructor think they needed to resort to overly sensational, overly sexual, and frankly, WAY overdone & unoriginal moves like these?

  10. What is wrong with parents who would dress little girls up like this and let them perform in public? I agree that they are amazing dancers, but really – there are so mnay more appropriate dances/costumes for them to show off their skill. Even the same dance, in less sexualized costumes, would be okay. I’d like to hear what that mother who was appalled that people would think such things about the kids will say when her daughter comes to her in 3 or 4 years and says “Mom, I want to go on the pill”, or worse yet, “Mom, I’m pregnant”. maybe then she’ll get it.

  11. sorry but when i went to watch the video it says they took the video off line due to some copy right but from my view those poor little girls should not have that clothing on. and i remember when i saw little lady gaga perform a month or so here on this web sight but she did not look as half as bad bad as these GIRLS not ladies their should be a law against parents from doing this to their children they are not old enough to know what this kind of clothing can make them appear to look. sad sad sad

  12. @RegansMom1: PREACH. There are PLENTY of perverts who would readily exploit this, and I’m sorry, but with moves like that you are not allowing your child free expression, you are catering the the sexualization of children. Parents who think otherwise are buffoons wearing blinders; don’t act appalled by society’s reaction, it’s REAL LIFE. I took dance at that age and hardly moved like that. There are plenty of sophisticated and complex moves 8 and 9 year olds can do to show off their talent that have nothing to do with bumping and grinding. I really don’t care if I’m being judgmental, these parents need a freaking clue.

  13. Good choreography does not a dancer make! they could have practiced for months. Quit making any form of positive comment. As a parent there is no ‘gray area’ here. This was intentionally done as an exploitive measure to get attention. Why else was it recorded with such clarity? So many comments and nobody figured this out?

  14. Some Mommies need a time out, and a reality check. I’d be employing a bodyguard to watch over little miss while Mom is busy selling her, because there is always a monster lurking just waiting for his/her chance to have a private dance.
    Oh, and for the record just because cheerleaders, pompons, skaters, whatever, wear skimpy, suggestive costumes….doesn’t mean that it’s right for children.

  15. The video isn’t accessible due to get this…copyright. Just admit it you fruit-loops, you didn’t like the negative feedback. Either way Hooray!!!!

  16. I get the ‘professional dancers’ take on this totally my sister is a professional ‘flaminco’ dancer and has danced since a young age, but I agree with Regan’s mom comment ‘parents need to draw the line somewhere’ After all just because something is deemed acceptable in the dance world does not mean it’s right!

  17. – the message in this song is disturbing to me as well – what, exactly, is ‘it’? All the gains women have fought so hard for are in danger of being smothered in a world where”pimping” is becoming cool and women are referred to as honeys and this type of behavior and dress becomes common in younger and younger girls

  18. – the message in this song is disturbing to me as well – what, exactly, is 'it'? All the gains women have fought so hard for are in danger of being smothered in a world where"pimping" is becoming cool and women are referred to as honeys and this type of behavior and dress becomes common in younger and younger girls

  19. I would agree with anyone who said these girls were at a high leveled competition, and they are great dancers. Personally, I understand both sides, I feel that yes these girls ARE dancing very “sexy” (I’ll use that term) but if you look closely there is passion and form in all of it which makes it somewhat less degrading on themselves. As a teenager myself I was in the color guard in my high school marching band (for all of you who don’t know what that is we spin the flags), our show was a jazz theme but we did a song called Love For Sale… It means what the title says so we had to act like hookers or we called ourselves sophisticated prostitutes but our work wasn’t as bad, what my point is that the dancing would have gone unnoticed like ours did if they were more covered

  20. Here is the Lord’s words for the parents and dance instructors to think about.

    Matthew 18:6 But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.

  21. I agree with you. I’m a man, but I think that little girls are growing up too fast these days. Here, in Manhattan, you see 10-12 year old girls wearing makeup and carrying designer purses. They’re too young for that. They’re not spending enough time being children. They shouldn’t be making these videos. They should be home playing with dolls.

  22. I find it no problem w/ children dancing to beyonce because her lyrics aren’t sex obsessed or full of swearig. However Beyonce didn’t dress like tat in her video. Its up to parents to set a bar about how their children dress!

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