Should You Kiss in Front of Your Kids?

PDA and your children - how much is too much?
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Should You Kiss in Front of Your Kids?

PDA and your children – how much is too much?

-Kim Jack Riley

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0 thoughts on “Should You Kiss in Front of Your Kids?

  1. I think the more affection my kid sees between her father and I, the better! But of course I agree there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed. However — better to get a few squeals of “ewwww” and let her know how much we love each other than hide it all away!

  2. I grew up with very mixed signals about love and affection and always came in second to my mom’s love interests. So when I had a family, I wanted my children to grow up in a loving home where there were consistent displays of lite affection such as hugging, handholding, and acts of kindness all around. I’m happy to say that my children are used to getting bear hugs (ok, my son runs in the other direction!) and watching my husband and I kiss (not KISS..) The only one who really seems to mind — the dog. As far as he’s concerned, I’m cheating on him, and my husband is “the other man.”

  3. This article is spot on. As long as its not deep passionate kisses, its fine. Kids model after their parents when they grow up. If they don’t see loving displays of affection, they won’t know how to show it when they are in their own relationships.

  4. Like so many other parenting decisions, this one is very personal. For some parents, public displays of affection are natural and comfortable; for others, it is a big no-no. Kids like to see their parents happy and connected – if a little kissing, hugging or hand-holding adds to that and is comfortable for both parties, why not?

  5. #5. The first couple — the Obamas — get high marks for their warm displays of public affection. It is wonderful to see that they share a love. So let’s take it from them, that showing love, affection and caring is a good thing for children to see.
    No– this doesn’t me sex. No sexual talk.
    But hugging, kissing and just plain touching to let each other know they are supportive, listening and “hearing’ the partner. This kind of affection should be extended to all members of the family grandparents hugging, adult children hugging parents, kissing the older grandmother. Affection is part of the whole care, considration, rspect, honor, cherish and love package. Such touching — studies have shown — actually reduces blood pressure. So it’s also healthy!!

  6. I’m not sure how to feel. When I grew up, I was very confused about if my parents loved each other because I rarely saw them kissing. (I do know that neither parent is emotionally open.) BUT, I was disgusted whenever I did see it, and I am to this day. I am uncomfortable about displaying affection between myself and a loved one in front of anyone, and I don’t think it’s every appropriate. Maybe it’s because of my parents not doing it much, or maybe it’s just who I am, but I do not every like to see people kiss.

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