What a Man's Ring Finger Can Tell You

A man's ring finger can tell you a lot, according to a recent study.

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Shoulda Put a Ring on It!

What a man’s ring finger can tell you

-Lindsay Seim

man holding up his handForget screening would-be husbands based on their height, weight or hair color. What you should really focus on is finger length. (Stay with me here; it’s not as gross as it sounds.)

A recent study by Cambridge researchers suggests that men with longer ring fingers than index fingers tend to be more successful in the fast-paced world of financial trading.  And past studies have found that oh-so-long ring fingers have also been associated with success in competitive sports, like soccer and basketball. (Jack-of-all-trades, anyone?)

This whole finger business gave me a scary flashback to my adolescent summers at dance camp. (Think cheerleading camp, but with better outfits.)

I gleaned myriad time-honored pearls of wisdoms during those spirit-stick-errific summers: Underwear, like birth control, is always optional. Diet Coke is a legitimate meal replacement. And the Gillette Mach 3 men’s razor is hands down THE BEST shave your gams will ever get. (That one I still support.)

But the most prophetic of all was this:

Always check out a guy’s ring finger before you get too into him, to make sure he’s on the market. And if there’s no ring, look close to make sure there’s no tan line where a ring was.

My older dormmate stoically placed this gem into my 15-year-old lap over a couple of Diet Cokes and half a bag of Jolly Ranchers. She was more right than she possibly could have imagined (about the underwear and the ring-finger obsession).

English scientists suggest that men’s ring finger (ahem…) length issue is actually formed in utero, and that the relatively longer ring finger indicates greater exposure to androgen, the male hormone. Previous studies have shown that ample androgen heightens confidence, persistence and vigilance, and that it quickens reaction times.

Pretty good mate material, no?

So – all the single ladies out there – take some advice from this old dance captain (and some genius Brits with fancy degrees). Set your man-radar to the following:

Ring? No!
Ghost-ring tan line? No! No! No!
A SUPERLONG ring finger? Yes, please!

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  1. I rushed right out to the kitchen to check out my man’s fingers! He is a keeper, and guess what? Longer ring finger! And, he is making dinner! I liked the fact that there was research to back up this premise!

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