Simon Cowell Angry About Ellen DeGeneres Joining American Idol

An insider tells BettyConfidential that the King of Mean is "livid" over Ellen DeGeneres being named American Idol's fourth judge, and he's not the only one who's unhappy
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Simon Cowell Angry About Ellen DeGeneres Joining American Idol

An insider tells BettyConfidential that the King of Mean is “livid” over Ellen DeGeneres being named American Idol’s fourth judge, and he’s not the only one who’s unhappy

-Kathy Campbell

Ellen DeGeneres and Simon Cowell

While fans of American Idol are split over yesterday’s announcement that Ellen DeGeneres is replacing Paula Abdul as American Idol’s fourth judge, one of her fellow judges is “livid” over Ellen’s hiring — and there’s no prizes for guessing that the grumpy judge is Simon Cowell.

“Simon is being Simon,” an insider tells BettyConfidential. “He knows Ellen is going to steal the show. She has a great following and everyone loves her. Besides, she is so funny! No one is going to care what Simon has to say. He can disagree with Ellen, but he can’t criticize her, like he did with Paula. The audience will crucify him if he attacks her. It’s going to be a whole new mood when it comes to conversations between the judges.”

And Ellen isn’t going to pull any punches when it comes to Simon. “I’ll tell him the same thing I tell him when he’s on my show — that he’s mean,” she said on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “You can be constructive, and you can criticize someone in a way that’s helpful and not mean-spirited.”

Die-hard American Idol fans had mixed reactions to the news that Ellen was replacing Paula (with one complaining on the show’s site, “This is a nightmare…worst of all, she won’t flirt with Simon!!!!!”), and even the ladies of The View had differing opinions. Whoopi Goldberg complained, “Does it bother anyone that there’s no music experience there? I’m not sure that this was the right choice for this particular show,” while Sherri Shepherd excitedly claimed that like Paula, “Ellen will be known for being the nice one.”

Speaking of the nice one, Paula Tweeted yesterday that she wished Ellen the best of luck, saying, “I think Ellen will b a gr8 judge on Idol.”

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0 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Angry About Ellen DeGeneres Joining American Idol

  1. I can’t be too worried about what Ryan is upset about. Doeds ANYBODY watch to see Ryan? No. And, if Simon is too unhappy with Ryan (I think they’re really best friends anyway!) he will just fire him. Odd choice? Ellen says she wants to be our voice – the people who don’t know squat about music. At least every other term out of her mouth won’t be “he [or she} was too pitchy!’ I love Randy, but, give me a breka, can’t he find something else to say about these people? What about “You cannot sing!”?

  2. well I dont know what experience Ellen has as far as singing but every one who knows any thing about her knows she loves music! maybe she has perfect pitch hearing. I know several people who do but could not sing a single note to save there lives. I think she was picked for the controversy to make more ratings!
    Either it will work or it wont. If it doesn’t then she will be gone next season! I wish her the best of luck!! :-)

  3. Newsflash! You don’t have to be in Music to know if something sounds good or not. Heck, I could be a judge. The good new is, Ellen’s so funny, she’ll bring a humorous more down to earth spin on the critique. You know, like a REAL person.

  4. I think Ellen will be great on the show. I’d like to see Ryan and Kara replaced. Actually, I think they should go back to 3 judges. I haven’t seen where Kara makes the show better.

  5. Isn’t it interesting that if you go to the Idol website, and read the judge’s bios, Randy Jackson’s bio talks about his wife and children. Not one place does it talk about Ellen’s (famous actress wife) Portia di Rossi. So kudos to Ellen for breaking into another place that isn’t fully accepting…I think she’ll do great and maybe bring some parity to a show that makes contestants fearful about coming out until after the competition is over.

  6. I guess I’m disagreeing with all the above postings, but Ellen is not one of my favorite entertainers, so much so that I probably will not watch Idol this season. I do think the producers should have chosen only someone with a musical background to judge singing contestants. This is not fair to the contestants. Ellen is a comedian, not a music judge.

  7. I think Ellen will breathe new life into a show that often seems to exist as a forum for Ryan’s showboating and Simon’s ill-spirited viciousness. Paula was okay, but I quit watching long ago because I got sick of Simon’s nastiness, Paula’s blandness, and in general the overall boring factor. With Ellen on the show, I may start watching again!

    As far as Ellen’t not being a music judge, she has more singing and dancing ability than I’ve ever seen Simon evince, and as a top-notch performer she has significant experience to draw on – never mind some good plain common sense and humaneness.

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