Sink or Swim

Michael Phelps dives into his own kind of rehab

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Sink or Swim

Michael Phelps dives into his own kind of rehab

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Michael PhelpsAfter landing in hot water, Michael Phelps is back in the pool. In his first interview since the photo of the toke that went round the world, he told the Associated Press, “It’s something I am going to have to live with and something I’ll have to grow from. I know with all of the mistakes I made, I learned from them and that is what I expect to do from this. By no means it is fun for me, by no means is it easy.”

Phelps is back in training. “I’m back to my routine, the thing I love, the thing I care about most,” he said. “To be able to get back in the water and get back to a normal schedule is what I am happy about most.”

Phelps is also back with his family, his mother and sisters. We can only imagine what his mom, a middle school principal, had to say about Michael’s publicized partying. Michael said, “Seeing my mom reminded me of how it was the day after I got my DUI, and I swore to myself I would never do that again.”

We’re sure it was not only seeing Mom but hearing from her that has made Michael so repentant. He admitted, “We’ve been talking a lot. I’ve been able to get back to my family. It’s part of my life I need back.”

Most fans have been supportive of the athlete. But a prime sponsor has cut him loose. Kellogg’s became the first major firm to ax his endorsement deal. Guess they didn’t want kids discussing Michael’s partying over their Frosted Flakes. And he has also been suspended for three months by the national governing body for swimming. USA Swimming has barred him from competing and cut off financial support.

Obviously, Michael’s problems are not going away quietly. He remains the center of a debate about legalizing pot as well as countless discussions of whether he should or shouldn’t be arrested. There are even debates about the motives of the South Carolina sheriff who has threatened him with arrest.

Still, most are cheering Michael for not pretending he didn’t inhale. Nor has he declared, like so many celebs who get caught in the act, that he is entering rehab. Obviously, his mom and his coach think the best way for the world’s greatest swimmer to wash away his “sins” is to keep him close to home and back in training.

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0 thoughts on “Sink or Swim

  1. …and who was the “friend” who took and uploaded the photo??? Being in the public eye, he has to constantly consider the outcome of his actions. That’s the price for the fame and glory and sponsorships. The notion of criminal charges is absurd…focus on the real criminals, rapists, child abusers, murderers, etc. We have to stop acting so provincial.

  2. I am sorry, but why are you all making excuses for Michael Phelps?? He broke the law, and he should pay just like anyone else should. It is disgusting that this guy thinks he is immune from his actions, and I am happy that he is being dropped from some of his contracts.

  3. A few points for thinkers: First of all, you can’t convict someone with a photo (no proof of what he was smoking or if he was inhaling,etc.). #2, maybe the pot is actually responsible for his winning all those medals in which case he should replace his lost Kellogg sponsorship with one from a drug cartel (“the new breakfast of champions!”).
    #3. If it had been a bottle of whiskey or beer, it would have been a non-story even though alcohol does way more harm than pot. If he was breaking the law, that’s not a good example. But not paying taxes by 3 of Obama’s cabinet picks is alot more serious but was widely excused as “unfortunate” and “sad.” Any friend who posted this picture is a low-grade skunk. This is a light weight story pumped up by a press who has a disappointing president and apparently nothing else to attract reader attention. Gee, how about those octuplets: Big news in a time of trilliondollar boondoggles. The press are whores and liars: A constant abuse of first ammendment rights.

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