Six Annoying Things Women Do …

Real men tell BettyConfidential what annoys them about women.
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Six Annoying Things Women Do …

…according to men. Yes. It’s hard to believe, but we can be annoying too.

-Carrie Seim

An annoyed man

It’s hard to imagine, we know. But rumor has it women aren’t always as charming as we’d like to believe. Men adore us for many reasons – our soft skin, our clever minds, our fascinatingly complex layers of underthings. But there are some teeny tiny, itty bitty, eenie weenie things we do that men find – ¿Como se dice? – ANNOYING.

We asked guys from all over the country to divulge the lady behavior that drives them loco. Here are the irksome answers we heard most frequently…and fervently.

1. We use a lot of cell phone minutes.
Are phone skills secondary sex characteristics unique to women, like breasts that lactate? Just a theory. Because almost every guy we talked to mentioned how perturbed he gets chatting with women on the phone.

“It’s annoying when [women] try and end a call three or four times after they know I need to get going, and way after the conversation has clearly ended,” says V. from Beverly Hills. “Oh, and women always decide to start a conversation with five seconds left on the clock in a tie game.”

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2. We can’t make up our minds. Maybe. Maybe not…
“Women equivocate unnecessarily,” says one New York guy. Translation: we hem and haw and hedge our bets instead of committing to a single plan of action.

V. from Beverly Hills concurs, claiming women “don’t believe I meant what I said, just because it was brief and to the point and not vague and contemplative.”

The New York guy explains his annoyance using this example, which may or may not refer to a conversation he had with the author of this article:

HIM: “Would you (A) prefer to drive to Boston on Friday night or (B) attend the party in New York? We can then drive to Boston early on Saturday morning.”

HER: (sniffling) “You cruel, cold-hearted bastard! Don’t you know that it’s all about the decision-making process? Don’t you understand that I can’t make a Pyrrhic decision like that without knowing what you would prefer to do?”

HIM: “I’m sorry; I think I misheard you. Did you say (A) or (B)?”

HER: (sobbing) “This is madness, madness! Why are you so thick-skulled?”

Excellent question.

3. We don’t fight fair.
Guys say women put them in an impossible position when we refuse to tell them why we’re upset.

Eric from Portland tells Betty his biggest pet peeve is the “‘What’s wrong? Nothing,’ routine. [Because] there’s obviously something wrong.”

Apparently men really DO want to know how we’re feeling. They just prefer we don’t express those feelings with “overdramatic waterworks.” (As if our tears come with a pause button.)

“Why, why must you cry?” asks an exasperated fellow from Minnesota. “Has that ever, in the history of the world, made things better?”

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0 thoughts on “Six Annoying Things Women Do …

  1. I agree with Fern completely!! Low-maintenance doesn’t mean NO maintenance! Even the most laid back, one-of-the-guys kind of girls still likes to be romanced and treated like a girly girl once in while.

  2. The most annoying thing for me is when they almost put something away, but not quite. Like putting the dirty dishes beside the sink rather than inside, or putting dirty clothes on top of the hamper rather than opening it and putting them inside. Grrr…

  3. Women should spend less time complaining about men, and more time praying for Holy grace and guidance, while constantly working at self-improvement. It’s a hard pill to swallow ladies, BUT–When a man, or someone else for that matter, does “annoying” things, the reason usually lies in one of the following areas: 1. Your expectations of the behavior of others is too high, and you are not understanding or flexible enough to stop throwing stones in glass houses. 2. You may be the problem, and they are reacting to your “annoying” behavior. I would be happy to share some ways to dramatically reduce so many “annoying” male acts, for those who are truly interested. Unfortunately, I feel like most of you just want to b!^@# instead.

  4. my problem with this article is that men say all the things above but when they find a mature women who doesn’t act like the women they describe they become frightened because they are immature. They leave a good woman for women who act like this so they have something to complain about. It makes them feel important. More men spend their time b!*$#ing than the do tryin to be a man. if they had a women who wasn’t like this they wouldn’t know how to respond.

  5. Hey Lisa, sounds like you need to grow a backbone, cause you come off sounding like one of those subserviant women who lets a man control what she does, says, and thinks! I agree with liquidlove, though- many men say they want a strong independent woman, but can’t handle it when they find one.

  6. Hehehe Im so guilty of no. 2… I HATE when my bf gives me two options and expects me to just choose without discussion… I NEED to know what he thinks because although I know he’ll do what I want, I simply dont enjoy doing things he hates and would much rather find a happy medium…

  7. I have to say #7 lisa_b you got it girl.
    Thats why white MEN are dating Asian women.
    They know how to treat a MAN. Thats why there are so many divorces now.
    take notes ladies…………..OC,ca

  8. “badboy” you disgust me.

    Women are NOT the cause of divorce.

    AND Asian women are not a all the same, do not all think the same, do not act the same. They were born in Asia, that’s about all they have in common – unless their ethnicity is Asian and they are nationally something else. But my point still stands, they are not all the same.

    And you realize Asia is a very big continent made up of a lot of different cultures…so Asian women have different backgrounds as well.

    take note bad boy, women are not your play things, or your self esteem booster, or your maid, or your robot. I hope you change your way of thinking, but if not, I hope every women is smart enough to stay away from you.

  9. Lisa I bet one of two things, either you have never been married or you are a slave to your husband and family! Obviously you are not a strong woman and know nothing about men, anyone who has been around men know they are mostly immature, and basically lazy, my husband is one of the few who works hard and helps around the house, my first husband was the opposite and I got rid of him because I’m a smart woman!

  10. Bad Boy you are right Asian women are all the same, basically they are after your cash, and they are basically cold women, their culture teaches you only have sex enough to have kids and then guess what separate bedrooms! Any woman who bows to a man is as stupid as he is!

  11. If men would step up to the plate and act like adults instead of like another child women wouldn’t have so much to bitch about, Jon Gosselin is a great example of how most men act, irresponsible, lies, steals, and really would rather not be bothered with their own children. bad boy is a prime example trying to blame divorce on women only, really mature of you big boy, obviously your brain is not so BIG!

  12. I’m a strong, smart woman, my first marriage was to a jerk who thought I was going to be his slave, I kicked him out the door, then I married my husband that I have now, a real jewel of a man who respects and supports me and helps around the house, works hard and is very loving, they are out there it just takes awhile to find them!

  13. ok so i can honeslty say my wife does not really annoy me…. well maybe sometimes but no as much as this article makes it out to be. I mean come on we annoy each other (men and women, not just her and I) i have been with my wife for 7 yrs and i still love er as much as the day i met her. im a disabled veteran and my wife is a full time employee if anything annoys me the most it would be on me not her and that is that i cant work right now and here she is out there busting her butt off for a not so good paycheck i try to do my best around the house cleaning taking care of the kids making dinner laundry i mean if she can go out and work 40+ hrs a week i should honestly try my best at home to make it a lil easy, right? and then there is this, this does annoy me she understands i cant work (im looking at back surgery on 24 dec) and i am recieving unemployment not disability yet fighting for it, and that is what ticks her off that im not out workin she tells me that she is ok with it but i mean come on ive been with her for 7 yrs i know it does is there any of you ladies out there who can help me on how to talk to her about this with out pissing her off lol and no even tho it sounds like it right now im not the b**** in the house i just love my wife to all you young guys my wife is 36 and im only 25 i love being with an older woman for many reasons and i have helped raise her 2 kids plus our own now what do i do cause this is seriously causing problems in my household if you have any advice please email me at rocketmail thank you

  14. Of all the comments (except “happily married male”, I really didn’t read his post, but most of the others) it is apparent that you have described men that are insecure of themselves or do not know who “they” are, and the same goes for the women. Please, if something “annoys” you, are you not capable of telling the person or simply, parting ways??? What is so hard about that???

  15. excuse me hankie1.. asian women are not at all the same.. that’s just a very timid stereotype racist thinking.. everyone is an individual..

    for the article the thing that men annoys me is when they get too clingy.. almost enough to smother us sometimes.. yes we like the attention.. but just like men.. we need space to breathe too.. you hate it when we call every 2 mins.. guess what some women hates that too..

  16. You ladies are funny, most of the stuff seems right cause I was laughing at all the ones I do and it’s basically all of them. Although I do hate a girl that is indecisive so I do things that you ladies hate to piss you off since you already pissed me off to begin with.

  17. How about this: I think the most annoying thing men do is CONSTANTLY complain about ALL the little annoying things we women do! We put up with your crap guys, so why not just take us in stride, our world don’t completely revolve around constantly pleasing you!!

  18. It doesn’t matter to me what anyone thinks. I date younger women and yes i am 52. As long as i can see the woman smile and laugh and i know she is having a good time i am content. Shoot we only live once anyway. Petty arguements about spineless or overbearing women. nah just go out and enjoy your life.

  19. Liqued love, I’m going to bet you aren’t exactly approached at bars very often, perhaps if you tried not generalizing men into one group you could work on a little self improvement, and not have to blame men for your emotional woes. Or keep on the path you’re already on, all the single ladies can be your theme song.

  20. Oh and Hankie, how about you stop grouping all men into one category. Honestly the ignorance you exude while trying to come off as smart is stereotypical of a feminist. I’m going to bank your first husband wasn’t a jerk, you probably just didn’t listen to anything he had to say and he got fed up and became lazy. If you don’t show respect do you honestly expect to receive any in return?

  21. alright this might be kinda weird for a man to be on this site but just like women do men do read through your little magazines and sit their and question about what they think their gfs and wives belief is mister right. Do not doubt it one second that everyday do we question and demand ourselves to be better men. Now for personal conquest or not i have met many women young and old and im only 22 and i have had 42 and such pursue me. I have ever cheated on any of the girls i truly loved no would i ever will. The guys that do and i have met many women who are still with them and get hurt everyday thats your damn fault. You always think you can better someone when sometimes its not possible. The only reason why we have these trifle little fights is because its what you want we know your great, awesome and understanding but for some reason you always want more and think that were selfish for some reason. We are and i am a truly simple creature what you ask may not be received how you want because you guys never explain it to us fulley. You guys throw this tidbits and whodas and expect us to understand and just sometimes we dont. We love you and always will and i guess thats just something that will always have to say and be hated for.

  22. and im sorry for that was written very poor but i hope that something in their gets the point across. If it werent for women, men would be truly lost in this world. Dude my mom prime example she’s awesome always given me great opportunity and support. My father taught me how to be respectful and a man. There are assholes but its funny how all yall my age go i like assholes and super confindent guys. Then end up crying everynight sometimes us nice guys that finish last get to really see how yall work. I have dated two reef models and both aggorant stupid girls do i mold all of yall in that category no. So agree to disagree I will always love women no matter how much you guys give me and every other guy out their pain. Just understand us alittle bit please. Im not asking for the 50s homemaker and i would never in my dreams want that to boring and no fun. If you think you make a guy feel intimiated then ask him or just move on i never feel intimiated guys that are intelligent never will maybe by your beauty but thats because everything has become superficial.Maybe you guys have become to nit picky every thought of that

  23. how about when women insult themselves in order to fish for compliments?

    “I’m going to the gym. I need to work off these thunder thighs.”

    guy(who feels somehow obliged to say): “gosh, you’re so not fat.”

  24. Most annoying thing?

    When men complain that there’s no good women out there, but insist upon dating women who are “hot” but totally vacuous and/or psycho. Although all women who look like Playboy models aren’t crazy or flighty, it cracks me up when I try to set up guy friends with women I know who are stable, successful, funny, and smart. “She’s not hot enough.” “Your last three girlfriends were smokin’ hot, and totally NUTS. You’re 5’10”, 200 lbs., and aren’t a millionaire. You’re going to have to choose between hot and horrible or merely attractive and a good mate.”

  25. Ask me to get them something when their lazy butt is sitting right next to it! While my bf is not a Neanderthal… he is guilty of this annoying habit. Sometimes it is easier just to do it for him but really it sends the wrong message. Get it yourself is usually my reply! Too harsh? Or not harsh enough?

  26. I agree 1000% with liquidlove22. They get a good one and they lose their flipping minds. I’ve come to the conclusion that the worse you treat a man, the more they want you. Unfortunately, I don’t have it in me to be a real bitch, so alone I guess I’ll be.

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