Six Guests We'd Like to See on Glee

From Betty White to Lindsay Lohan, there's room on Glee for everyone.
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Six Guests We’d Like to See on Glee

From Betty White to Lindsay Lohan, there’s room on Glee for everyone.

-Delaina Dixon


We’ve checked our DVRs repeatedly to make sure its set to tape Neil Patrick Harris‘ guest appearance on Glee tonight (8 p.m., Fox), where the How I Met Your Mother star plays Will Schuester’s high school nemesis (can you spell S-I-N-G-O-F-F?). Yes, the hit musical series has become the go-to guest spot for celebs who want to get their song on, which got us thinking, who would we like to see on Glee in season two?

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0 thoughts on “Six Guests We'd Like to See on Glee

  1. lovesbetty says:

    Now I officially want to see all of these people on Glee… especially JT.

  2. uptowngirl says:

    Ooh I’d watch for James Marsden!

  3. jessica03 says:

    britney spears!

  4. DallasShopperGal says:

    I think JT, James Marsden and Betty White would all be awesome on this show. So would “Karen” from Will & Grace. I have no desire to see LiLo or Brit on anything, and as much as I love Glee, I’m not sure I’d watch an episode they were on.

  5. FBNYC says:

    Lindsay doesn’t deserve to be on Glee, but Justin Timberlake… can we please push for that one? Please?

  6. FFlotus says:

    Betty White would be brilliant! And she’s on an episode of Modern Family tonight. Can’t wait!

  7. CityLady212 says:

    Def no to Lohan… she needs to just go away.

  8. girleegirl says:

    The Betty White craze is officially out of control.

  9. fastest2 says:

    Lindsay? Let’s not. JT, heck yeah! Britney would be funny!

  10. divinerebel says:

    Would love love love to see JT on Glee! He is so funny, it would rule, or at least give NPH a run for his money… The Britney idea is interesting, too, but nix the Hairspray alums and Lilo – ugh. Betty White can do any-damn-thing she wants! Your storyline idea is great!

  11. bhamblonde says:

    Well, the link didn’t post right, but the page is “Put Justin Timberlake on GLEE! (please!)” A fun JT giveaway when we reach 1000 fans!!

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