Six Ways to Guarantee a Successful First Date

Happy Humpy Day Ladies! Back by popular demand, we bring you this article again on how to do your first date right!
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1. He’s touching you. Generally speaking, a guy shows his interest in you with constant touches. According to Driver, when things are going well, you’re likely to see as many as five instances of touching in the first 15 minutes of your date. So keep a mental scorecard, one point for each “touch”: He hugged you when you met up, one point. He put his hand on your back as you walked through the door, two total points. He touched your arm when he asked you what you wanted to drink, three total points. He touched your leg as he was telling you about his day, four total points, etc. Obviously, this isn’t an exact science, so don’t freak out if you only get to three or four points. But if you’re on a date with a guy and he hasn’t touched you at all, that’s probably a bad sign (unless, of course, he’s super-shy).

2. He seems a little nervous. It’s actually a good thing when a guy is a little anxious the first time he takes you out. “It shows he has something invested, as opposed to seeing the date as just another outing,” says Hartley. “A little nervous energy is essential.” After all, the last thing you want is some Rico Suave-type professional dater who’s only thinking, “I got this one in the bag!”

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3. He’s looking at your lips. As the night goes on, if you catch him looking at your lips that’s also a good sign. “When a man looks at your lips, it’s sexual. It shows he wants to kiss you,” says Driver. If you’re not sure whether he’s feeling it or not, when you catch him glancing at your lips you’ll know that he is.

While the signals that someone throws off can be telling, don’t get so wrapped up in trying to read his body language that you lose track of the overall vibe of the date. The signs mentioned above are a good barometer, but they don’t always tell the whole story. “Women are naturally intuitive,” says Hartley. “Reading body language is about putting into words what you already recognize.” At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you have a good time and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Without any doubt, that’s the surest sign of a successful first date.

Tell us: What body language signals do you look for on a first date?

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11 thoughts on “Six Ways to Guarantee a Successful First Date

  1. FBNYC says:

    Smiling for real is a big one. I think everyone can tell when a smile is fake.

  2. uptowngirl says:

    I agree – if I can’t smile organically on a first date, I won’t want a second, and he probably won’t either!

  3. citymouse says:

    Not sure what I think about this “don’t sit directly opposite him” advice…wouldn’t that feel awkward? Will have to give it a try on my next first date.

  4. jessica03 says:

    this article is such a perfect timing. i have a date tonight! thanks article!

  5. KittyK says:

    I found being genuinely interested in what he says can bring on authentic smiles. It also worked in that the favour was happily returned! *grins* Haven’t had another “first date” since *that* one… 2 years and a diamond ago ;)

  6. ImJack says:

    being a super shy guy i can say that without two sets of chemistry complimenting each other any sort of real interaction probably should never happen unless you both want to be merely two ships passing in the night. which is not really such a bad thing after all is said and done but, this is about attaining the all important 2nd date isn’t it?

  7. festivelady826 says:

    I’m with KittyK – being interested in what he is saying brings on genuine smiles from him. One can tell in a hundred different ways, other than overt body language, if he is enjoying the date. Maybe because I’m an old lady now who hasn’t had a date in 10 years, but I still believe I would know if he was having fun without having to count how many times he touched me.
    And, KittyK, good for you, honey! You obviously didn’t need to count those touches, either!

  8. shyguy-sdwyz8 says:

    Great article! But being a guy i dont exactly know how ill feel if she sits next me, itll seem a little awkward, but hey who knows!

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