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Skin care for your 30sIn Your 30s

Thirty may be the new 20, but you’re going to have to do a little more work to look that way. This is the decade when the bad habits of our youth start to catch up with us — it’s time to start thinking about targeted products that fight off the initial signs of aging.

Lines around the eyes, changes in skin texture and uneven pigment are the first signs of aging that appear in our 30s. This is the time to start working with a dermatologist to formulate an antiaging strategy,” says dermatologist Dr. Beer.

What to do: Hopefully you’re already committed to a good skincare regimen, but once you hit 30 it’s time to start thinking beyond prevention. Dr. Beer believes this is the decade to start repairing any skin damage in earnest, and if you haven’t started using a prescription cream containing tretinoin such as Retin-A, schedule an appointment with your dermatologist pronto.

What to use: According to Dr. Beer, “A good eye cream and an exfoliator are two essential products to add (to your existing routine).” Look for antioxidant serums that contain vitamin C and ferulic acid; they’re powerful tools to prevent further aging. You might want to try Perlabella’s Vitamin C Intensive Antioxidant for Face ($19.99,


Age-specific issue: The skin begins to lose moisture as we progress through our 30s, and some moisturizing ingredients work better than others. Look for products rich in hyaluronic acid, which holds more than 100 times its own weight in water. Another ingredient to look for is squalane, which helps draw moisture into the skin, and you can find it in Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer ($22.50,


Once you hit your 30s, a good concealer can be your new best friend. Makeup artist Kimara Ahnert recommends “a little more coverage that can conceal fine lines or dark circles.” Next, swap out your cream blush for a powder version for more staying power.

Must-know info: Ahnert’s rule of thumb for your 30s: “Avoid wearing very trendy colors. Instead, opt for a more classic all-over look but incorporate a color trend into either your liner or a sheer version of that color in an eyeshadow.”

Makeup for your 30s

Left: Benefit Cosmetics Bo-ing Industrial-Strength Concealer ($18, Right: By Terry Crayon Blackstar in Violet Violet ($35,

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