Smile-Whitening Lip Gloss

The newest glosses do more than give good pout.

Smile-Whitening Lip Gloss

The newest glosses do more than give good pout.

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Just when we thought our favorite lip glosses couldn’t get any better, guess again! They’ll whiten our teeth and freshen our breath, while delivering high shine.

CoverGirl Wetslicks Amazemint Lip Gloss
CoverGirl has partnered with Crest to create a multitasking gloss that will freshen your breath with a hint of peppermint oil while it imparts a mega-watt shine. The Plum Crazy, Un-Wined and Toast-ed shades ($6.25, have blue undertones that help make teeth look whiter and brighter.

Embrightenment BriteSmile Whitener and Tarte Lipgloss
Tarte’s duo comes in two shades that have blue undertones (that eliminate yellowness); Pearly Pink and Radiant Red ($26, One end houses a tooth-brightener, the other a super-shiny gloss. Get luscious lips and brighter teeth on the go.

Benefit California Kissin’ Smile Brightening Lip Shine
Blue lip gloss? Yes! Wear Benefit’s Kissin’ Smile ($18, sheer blue gloss over anything. The tint makes your teeth look super-white and every time you lick your lips, or breathe out of your mouth, you’ll get a blast of minty coolness.

SexySmile Lip Plumper & Tooth Whitener

Talk about a multi-tasker! Sexy Smile Lip Plumper & Tooth Whitener ($29.50, is the grand-slam of pout-perfecting lip glosses. Developed by a dentist, it contains sheer, shiny color formulated with a blue base as well as lip-plumpers and breath-freshening mint, while the other side has a tooth-whitener. Try Board Room Berry (one of six colors) for a brighter smile.
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A Dentist Weighs In
Lip gloss is just the icing on the cake, so to speak, when it comes to a prettier, healthier pout. Naturally, good oral hygiene goes a long way, and these tips from New York City celebrity dentist Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans can help keep your teeth and breath in tip-top shape.

Keep stains at bay between brushing simply by swishing water around your mouth for 30 seconds. You’ll get rid of some of the bad-breath-inducing bacteria that lurk in your mouth, and it will help prevent stains (from drinks like coffee or red wine) from setting in.

And if you have a sweet tooth, chocolate may actually be able to help prevent cavities. In addition to the antioxidants found in dark chocolate, the cocoa bean husk contains antibacterial ingredients that can fight the plaque that can lead to tooth decay.

Have you tried any of these lip glosses? Do you have a favorite? What’s your tip for a whiter smile?

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