Smoking Damage

A smoker seeks advice about how to get rid of her mimic-lines.

Beauty Queen

Smoke Damage

Dear Beauty Queen: I just turned 30 and started thinking of using anti-aging products. I’m a heavy smoker and don’t drink much water. I already started noticing some mimic lines around my lip area. Which product(s) would you recommend for my mimic-line problems? Thanks a lot!


Beauty Queen: My, my, my, Ozge. I’m not quite sure where to start with you. Reading your question makes me think you should be a bit more concerned about your health and less about your looks. Are you really still smoking? Guess what, your smoking is causing the lines around your mouth so until you kick the habit, skincare isn’t going to help.

And you barely drink water? Odds are your skin is dehydrated, and I’m sure it looks dull and sallow, too, right? With that said, my advice is to get your act together. And while you start taking care of your body, you can try a cream that contains hyaluronic acid spheres to plump up the lines around your mouth and a wrinkle-relaxing hexapeptide to help prevent those creases from getting worse. These ingredients are found in more high-end products (like Dr. Brandt’s Crease Release and Lines No More), but if you’re concerned about money, think about how much extra you’ll have when you’re not buying cigarettes.

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