Snacking Alternatives

A young woman seeks advice on which snacks would be healthy for her to eat.

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Snacking Alternatives

Dear Renee: I’m only nineteen years old, so my weight isn’t a big issue yet, but I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on food I could snack on? I’m a huge snacker, especially late at night, so I usually munch on vegetables with dip … but it gets gross after a while. What do you recommend?

–Future Weight Issues

Dear Future Weight: Way to go for thinking ahead!! You’ll help yourself prevent weight problems in the future. Snacks can either save you or sink you, depending on what you choose. Late night snacking can be due to a lot of things … you’re tired, stressed, didn’t have enough at dinner or you’re just hungry. Sleep and exercise help with the first two, having a balanced dinner helps with the third. If you’re just plain hungry, then finding good alternatives is the key.
While your veggies are always a great and healthy snack, it gets boring if that’s all you do. Below are a few easy snacks to give you some variety and keep things healthy. Get creative, anything that works for a meal can work for a snack (in smaller portions). Good luck!

  • Fresh, frozen or canned (unsweetened) fruit
  • A small handful (about 1 oz) of nuts
  • A few thin slices of lean deli meat (roll and eat plain or with mustard)
  • A hardboiled egg
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Low fat cottage cheese (try with tomato slices or fruit)
  • Low fat cheese stick
  • 100 calorie bag of microwave popcorn
  • Low fat pudding cup
  • Bowl of cereal with low fat milk
  • Graham or animal crackers
  • Dry cereal (like wheat squares, eaten as finger food)

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