Lindiskin: Specialized Skincare for Cancer Patients

this shows specialized skin products for women who had cancer

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Specialized Skincare for Cancer Patients

Helping patients cope with the skin-related side effects of treatment

-Paige Herman-Axel, aka Beauty Queen

lindiskinWith all the pink ribbon brouhaha, let’s make an effort to recognize the thousands of women who are in the midst of fighting breast cancer, and all other cancers while we’re at it.

Did you know that cancer patients have special skin-care needs? Most traditional products can be too harsh and irritating for women undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy, which can cause extremely sores, burns and extremely dry, flaky skin. Enter Lindi Skin, the first line designed specifically for skin affected by cancer treatments. Backed by an advisory board of doctors that includes both dermatologists and oncologists, this face and body line helps patients cope with the skin-related side effects of radiation and chemotherapy so they can complete treatment and get healthy again.

From body lotion to wash and soaks; from face cleansers to serums and moisturizers, the Lindi Skin products help restore moisture while brightening and improving the complexion. And for targeted treatment, the Eye Hydrator and Lip Balm deliver intense help for these trouble spots.

Beyond skincare, Lindi Skin also offers the Cooler Roll and Cooler Pad to soothe ultra-sensitive compromised skin (and they’re also great for menopause-related hot flashes). The “Fighting Back” Starter Kit is a great way to give all the products a try, and gift certificates are available, too. $10 to $40,

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