Stare Much?

A young woman wonders why a guy that turned her down keeps starring at her.


What’s His Deal?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I asked a guy to the prom last year; I waited a few days and then received a message explaining that it was the wrong time for him. Since then, he has been staring at me constantly, even though he now has a girlfriend. My question is: Was it really that it was the wrong time for him, or was he just saying that so I wouldn’t feel bad? I am also wondering why he is still starring at me.

Avery: It sounds like the guy you like was already involved with another girl / woman when you asked him to your prom. He continues to stare at you because he probably still likes you. It’s very possible to like two girls at the same time. If you still like him, just wait it out a bit, and when you hear that he’s no longer with the current girl he’s dating, ask him out again and see how it goes.

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