Stephen Colbert is Betty's Boyfriend of the Week

Stephen Colbert has been awarded Betty's Boyfriend of the Week!

Betty Boyfriend

Betty Boyfriend of the Week: Stephen Colbert – Funny, Foxy and Festive

And guess who’s in the DOGHOUSE?

-The Bettys

Stephen ColbertWhether he’s pissing off the President or singing a pro-pot Christmas duet with Willie Nelson, Stephen Colbert is hilarious, smart, festive and oh-so-sexy. Did we mention generous? That, too: Instead of using the dough to buy a private plane in which to chase starlets around, this family man is donating the proceeds from iTunes sales of his new holiday album, A Colbert Christmas, to the charity Feeding America. Yummy. For these qualities and more, we dub thee, Stephen Colbert, Betty Boyfriend of the Week.

In the Doghouse: As much as we love Stephen, we loathe dopey Jon Favreau.

No, not the cuddly film director (love that guy!); we’re talking about Barack Obama’s frat-tastic chief speechwriter, who was photographed copping a feel off a life-size cardboard Hillary Clinton cutout. Dude, if you’re going to be feeling up fake ladies, might we recommend mannequins? At least they have actual curves.

Beyond the Doghouse: And then we have the disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, whom we deem not even worthy of the Doghouse. Him, we send straight to the outhouse, where he belongs.

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