A woman seeks advice about how to stop over eating.

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The Stress-Food Cycle

Dear Michele,

I am trying desperately to lose weight and for some reason when I get stressed, overwhelmed, or just bored I always go to food. I do not understand why I go to food but it seems like the comfort zone. Then after I eat this food I feel bad because I have put on weight. I am in a horrible cycle.

— Tired Cyclist

Dear Cyclist,

The good news is that there is a way to get the cycle to stop. Use The Three N’s: Notice, Narrow, Name. First, you have to notice that you’re stressed. Take special care to figure out what causes the stress — Narrow it down. Is it your job? Your commute? Your kids? Your spouse? Your mother? Your money? Once you’ve Noticed that you’re stressed, and Narrowed down the cause, just Name it. “I am stressed because my mother called asking for money.” Bingo! That’s the moment you can deal with the specific stress you’re facing — and you can choose to deal with it without food – because food has nothing to do with your mother and money. Just be more conscious about the reasons you resort to food, and you’ll start to get a handle on it.

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