A Study Says Spilling Your Guts Can Bump Your Sex Appeal

A new study proves that being upfront and honest can boost your sex appeal.


Breaking “The Rules”

A study says spilling your guts can bump your sex appeal

-Carrie Seim

men and women flirtingI’ve always completely sucked at playing hard to get. Instead of pretending to be busy when a guy I like asks me out, I blurt “Yes! Sure! Wanna have babies?” before he can finish his sentence.

I hate “The Rules” because they’re disgustingly antifeminist. I also hate them because I fail at them consistently. I don’t have the dignity patience to wait around for some guy to call me. I put him on speed dial, have a cocktail (or three) and let the chips fall where they may.

So I danced a jig of joy this morning when I read a study suggesting that telling a guy you like him can make you more attractive to him.

According to a BBC article, turning on the opposite sex is as simple as smiling, making eye contact and spilling your guts. (Finally, a dating skill I excel at.) Apparently, the more you signal your attraction, the more attractive you become.

Take that, Rules! No waiting three days to call, no pretending to be busy all weekend. Just tell the guy how you honestly feel and watch how he reacts. (Smile = Promising. Hives = Eh, ask him out anyway, what’ve you got to lose?)

The researchers said this straightforward approach will also save you from wasting time with a man who’s just not that into you.

“Combining information about others’ physical beauty with information about how attracted they appear to be to you allows you to allocate your social effort efficiently,” said psychologist Dr. Ben Jones in the article.

Turns out my shameless methods aren’t just a proof of my social awkwardness – they may actually be making me hotter.

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