Susan Boyle Sucks Thumb and Cries After New York Performance

The Scottish singing sensation still has a tough time dealing with fame.

Susan Boyle Sucks Thumb and Cries After New York Performance

The Scottish singing sensation still has a tough time dealing with fame.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle’s life may seem like a dream come true, but the Britain’s Got Talent star is still having a tough time with her newfound fame.

After a performance on The Today Show, she attended a lunch with fans at restaurant in New York City. A fan gave Susan a quilt, explaining that hundreds of her fans from 28 countries around the world designed and made the quilt for her.

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Soon after, Susan popped her thumb in her mouth, then started to sob. When she realized she was being watched by her fans at the event, she quickly pulled herself together, but does this bizarre behavior mean another stay at a psych hospital is in Susan’s future?

“She was just overjoyed and extremely touched with the reception she had had from everyone in America,” Susan’s rep insisted.

Maybe thumb-sucking is just Susan’s way of dealing with her newfound fame. Perhaps Lindsay Lohan should give it a try. (Daily Mail)

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0 thoughts on “Susan Boyle Sucks Thumb and Cries After New York Performance

  1. mk_ultra says:

    What is she, three years old? Such a loser.

  2. leafsfan68 says:

    One would think the image of a grown woman sucking her thumb might elicit a little more sympathy then “such a loser”. Nice – way to have some compassion for someone who obviously has issues.

  3. Melfunkshn says:

    If she can’t deal with the fame, then why did she audition for that show? I don’t feel any bit of compassion for her.

  4. Theresa says:

    You know, I think too many people are giving her a bad rap. This photo shows she has her thumb to her mouth, but she certainly doesn’t look like she’s crying. Nor does she look upset. Look at the ladies around her – they are laughing. So I am pretty sure that she must have quipped about something and made her fans laugh. She has already shown that she has a fabulous sense of humor.

    What I know and have seen about of Susan Boyle makes me want to root for her all the way.

    Anyone against her should sit up and smell the coffee….in the real world she’s a smashing hit, her pre-album sales and her album sales in the first week are proof of that.

    I continually am amazed at the rudeness and lack of charity towards Ms. Boyle. Wonder how all of those who are against her would feel if they were in her place?

    I for one will be buying her CDs and showing my support because she deserves this.

  5. BELAVERA says:

    My grandmother used to chew her thumb when she was thinking. Perhaps Ms Boyle is doing the same thing–my grandmother was a very smart woman! I love how Ms Boyle had the courage to sing in front of all those doubters in England…she is an inspiration!

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