Susan Boyle Wins

The Scottish singing sensation proves she's got the stuff in the semifinals of "Britain's Got Talent"

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Susan Boyle Wins

The Scottish singing sensation proves she’s got the stuff in the semifinals of “Britain’s Got Talent”

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Susan Boyle semifinals BGTSusan Boyle does it again. She won the semi-final round of Britain’s Got Talent with a soaring rendition of “Memory” from Cats. Looking a bit nervous at first, and wearing a beaded dress and with only a bit more makeup than on her first appearance, Susan won over the judges and the viewers.

Afterward, a smiling Susan danced with glee after her performance and told judge Piers Morgan, “This is for you Piersy baby.” Morgan responded, “You look absolutely beautiful and you sang well. When the world was going through a tough time, you provided a bit of happiness.” Judge Amanda Holden said she was glad that Susan’s performance “went well. I was biting off all my acrylic nails. It was fantastic.”

Even Simon Cowell seemed totally won over by the Scottish spinster who says she has never been kissed and lives in a small village with her cat. “I want to apologize for the way we treated you the first time you sang. You made me and everyone else look stupid.” Susan remained gracious and cheerful as she spoke to the judges and as fans phoned in to vote for her winning performance.

Susan will compete next week in the finals of Britain’s Got Talent, and Britain’s bookmakers are already predicting she will win. At the moment, Britain is going through a Parliamentary scandal and a financial meltdown If Susan wins, she will probably get her chance to do what she says she has always wanted. To sing for – and maybe even cheer up – the Queen.

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