Susan Boyle in the Jungle?

Will Susan Boyle be eating bugs for supper instead of singing for it?


Susan Boyle in the Jungle?

Will she be eating bugs for supper instead of singing for it?

-Julie Ryan Evans

Ever since her breakout performance on Britain’s Got Talent, no one has doubted that Susan Boyle, embraced and lauded the world over, is going places. Few, however, probably thought those places would include the jungle.

Yet the Daily Mail reports that Boyle will appear in the British reality competition series, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, which is set in an Australian jungle. Instead of using her beautiful voice to inspire millions, she’ll be competing against other celebrities by performing tasks … such as eating bugs.

Susan, say it ain’t so. We wish you all the fame and prosperity in the world, but this? Really? So soon? Don’t celebrities do these kinds of things when their fame is fading, instead of when they’re seemingly the most popular person in the universe? (Janice Dickinson and Martina Navratilova have been recent contestants.) When former U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan recently met with U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown his first question was: “So, tell me about Susan Boyle.”

Of course, Boyle has traveled a long road to get where she is today. Recently, videos of her performing in earlier days have been popping up, showing that she really has had talent all these years.

Here she is 1984 – at age 22 – singing “The Way We Were”.

When Larry King interviewed Boyle he asked how all this fame would change her. She answered, “Well, I certainly won’t be lonely anymore.”

Which is sad in some ways, but also probably true. In fact, former American Idol heartthrob, Michael Johns, has personally offered to smooch her supposed virgin lips.

“I already said I’d kiss her myself if I ever saw her,” singer Michael Johns told at the L.A. premiere of Wolverine last week.

Of course, who knows how long her star will shine. There’s always a new one lurking in the shadows to give her a run for the BGT title, and this week, some say, it’s Jamie Pugh, a factory worker/pizza delivery guy, who blew people away this weekend on BGT with his performance of a song from – wait for it -Les Miserables.

So who knows, maybe Susan Boyle in the Jungle isn’t the craziest move ever.

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0 thoughts on “Susan Boyle in the Jungle?

  1. needcoffee says:

    don’t do it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. loubell says:

    Oh Good Lord! Obviously, she needs some help with her career choices. She’s going overboard right now. Stick to singing before you make a mess of what you have worked so hard to achieve!

  3. lotsowritin25 says:

    I wouldn’t call Boyle a celebrity so to say … maybe a local celebrity or SUBlebrity … and if she wants to go forth into the jungle, then so be it.

  4. chaucerleelou says:

    She’s letting this fame game go to her head! Hope she doesn’t get lost in that jungle (so to speak)!!!

  5. CAMUS890 says:

    Suzy! Don’t do it! You’ll make a fool of yourself and lose the fan base that you have gathered via your lovely voice!

  6. SNOOKY61 says:

    My, my, she doesn’t waste any time getting her 15 minutes of fame extended to 20! Sounds like this move will backfire though!

  7. LISHY says:

    This is a joke! She’s going to become a laughing stock making all these lame choices. Someone really needs to advise her to make better career choices.

  8. sencerre12 says:

    Jungle bound! IF she hadn’t of trimmed those eyebrows the way she did, she would of been jungle bound to begin with!

  9. LUGGY says:

    People will do anything for the limelight. She obviously is enjoying the fame and seeks to keep it going, even if it’s a stupid route!

  10. RELLY says:

    Once she goes into the jungle, she probably won’t come out!

  11. VERUKA says:

    OMG! This woman is just becoming a laughing joke! She needs to stick to singing and hope to win the contest to begin with.

  12. Manicmommy says:


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