The 10 Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

While some stars prove that they have taste no matter what, others can't help but look frightful.
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The 10 Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

While some stars prove that they have taste no matter what, others can’t help but look frightful.

-Bethany Bassler

 5 Worst Celeb Halloween Costumes

Tori Spelling and Family Halloween

1. Tori Spelling and family moved up the fame ladder to the Bee-list in these matching costumes. Son Liam and the puppy look adorable but maybe they should try using real sugar, because this artificial sweetener is known to make people sick.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt Halloween

2. Heidi and Spencer Pratt, a.k.a. Speidi frighten us every day without costumes. This looks like a snapshot from their scrapbook, complete with a ball and chain, dominatrix boots and handcuffs. Halloween is their reality!

Brittany Murphy halloween

3. Is this the best you can do Brittany Murphy? If you really want to fit in, then start by fitting into your shorts. Show us your cheeky personality and put away your, er, other cheeks!

Paris Hilton Halloween

4. Paris Hilton once again shows us a trick instead of a treat. Judging by her daily attire, It’s hard to tell if this is a costume or not, but she spells it out for us on her backside. I guess her jail time really left a mark on her!

Jamie Lee Curtis Halloween

5. Jamie Lee Curtis has her movies mixed up. She might be taking her role in Freaky Friday too literally; Jamie you were in Halloween not Willy Wonka.

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0 thoughts on “The 10 Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes

  1. bsassy says:

    Hysterical! Good Halloween costumes should be scary! And when is Spiedi going to go away? Aargh!!!

  2. kisskiss says:

    Ew britney murphey, really?
    this article is great!

  3. COLOMBIANGEL201 says:

    My Fav Costume is Audrina Patridge’s. Creative & she looks gorgeous!

  4. Shanece says:

    hahaha Heidi Klum and Nick Lachey’s costumes are awesome!
    Paris Hilton’s jail bait costume is terrible though. boO!

  5. kitty says:

    I love celebs that have a sense of humor — Heidi Klum and Bette Midler look awesome!

    Iheart Sheryl Crowe but I really don’t know if I’d call that hooker-cop outfit “tasteful” …

  6. GradGirl2011 says:

    My fav by far is Audrina. She looks hott and I could see myself wearing that.

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