The 10 Sexiest Vampires

With vampires like Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard, being undead never looked so sexy!
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The 10 Sexiest Vampires

With vampires like Robert Pattinson, Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard, being undead never looked so sexy!

-Faye Brennan

sexiest Vampires

Are you feeling a little overcome by bloodlust? You’re not alone! 2009 has turned into the year of the vampire with the overwhelming success of the Twilight saga, TV’s True Blood and the highly anticipated series premiere of The Vampire Diaries on September 10 on the CW. If it seems as if we have vampires on the brain, it’s for a very good reason – they’re dead sexy. So, in honor of the preternatural creatures we secretly wish were nuzzling our necks, we count down the 10 sexiest vampires.

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Stuart Townsend

10. Stuart Townsend Queen of the Damned

Stuart Townsend plays the sexy Lestat, a vampire turned rock star in the 2002 movie, Queen of the Damned. The movie focuses on Queen Akasha, played by the beautiful Aaliyah, and her desire to make Lestat her king – and we don’t blame her! He makes a far sexier Lestat than Tom Cruise did in Interview With the Vampire. We’d have Stuart Townsend by our side for eternity any day (if we could pry him away from his longtime love, Charlize Theron!).

David Boreanaz

9. David BoreanazBuffy the Vampire Slayer

As the bad-turned-good-turned-bad-again vampire, David Boreanaz played sexy Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer for three seasons before moving on to his own series, Angel, in 1999. During his stint on Buffy, David played Sarah Michelle Gellar’s boyfriend, and audiences fell hard for his buff bod and his one weakness: being in love with a vampire slayer.


Wesley Snipes

8. Wesley SnipesBlade trilogy

Those tattoos, those colored contacts, those fangs! Wesley Snipes heated up the big screen three times in the Blade trilogy as the half-human, half-vampire “day walker.” He proved that leather looks best on immortal vampire hunters, especially when paired with bulging biceps and sunglasses.

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0 thoughts on “The 10 Sexiest Vampires

  1. kitty says:

    I really don’t get the attraction to vampires. Though these 10 are pretty darn hot.

  2. kitty says:

    But what — Alexander Skarsgard hotter than brad Pitt? No way dudes.

  3. pepper56 says:

    My vote is definitely for Alexander Skarsgard over Brad Pitt – he is just….YUM……on True Blood! The man can play his part to the hilt – he makes you want to beg….for a lot of different things! lol…………

  4. pepper56 says:

    Oh – and Eric (Skarsgard) is even HOTTER with the new haircut from this season…!

  5. LookitsCynthia says:

    will always love david boreanez as angel. buffy was so great!

  6. kisskiss says:

    MMMMMMmmmmm I love Ian Somerhalder in everything, so as a vampire? Sure.

  7. photopro says:

    You all have seriously missed out on the best of the vampires!!! What about Frank Langella in the 1979 movie Dracula? His lips and eyes are absolutely captivating! Check out the info on IMDB

  8. EricIsMyValhalla says:

    OMG ALexander Skarsgard made #1 on the list. He is sooooooooo sexy!!

  9. K S says:

    Is “kitty” mommy April Hussar?

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