The 5 Hottest Fitness Trends

Tired of your gym routine? These workouts will get you going!
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The 5 Hottest Fitness Trends

Tired of your gym routine? These workouts will get you going!

-Debbie Emery

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One of the most common hurdles to working out consistently is boredom. There are only so many hours you can spend on the elliptical watching MTV or pounding the pavement jogging. And if you’re like most people, it’s important to get the New Year off to a good fitness start so you can lose some pounds, or get toned, over the next 12 months. We asked the experts the best ways to get your body working in 2010.

Downloadable Workouts

With technology playing a progressively bigger part in our lives, it’s affecting our workouts as well. “There is a big trend towards downloadable workouts,” explains exercise physiologist Amy Dixon, Group Fitness Manager of Equinox Santa Monica and creator of the Give Me 10 fitness DVD (, $19.99). Says Dixon, “It’s really going to blow up as sites such as Exercise TV offer workouts on your iPod” using top trainers like Kathy Kaehler and Stephanie Vitorino. Downloadable workouts can be in either audio or video form, and cover just about every exercise type and goal from sculpting your abs to getting your pre-pregnancy figure back. “You can find anything online now,” Dixon explains, “so there’s no excuse not to work out.” To get an idea of what’s available, visit, or the iPod App Store.

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Gaming Programs

Wii Fit got millions of game-heads to actually get their bodies moving with interactive games like golf, bowling and boxing. Now Ubisoft has gone a step further with a product for the Wii called Your Shape, which lets you get an intense workout from your living room. A camera scans your body so that it knows your exact proportions and then scales the virtual trainer’s body to match yours. The in-game guide, Jenny McCarthy, will correct your form to get the ultimate workout. Your Shape has more than 400 exercises, so that you’ll never get bored. And at the Your Shape website, blogger and fitness expert Laurel House offers fun fitness tips and healthy eating advice to complete the virtual trainer experience. For more information, visit

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