The 5 Ingredient Fix

Betty interviews Claire Robinson, Food Network's 5 Ingredient Fix Rising Star
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The 5 Ingredient Fix

Betty interviews Claire Robinson, Food Network’s 5 Ingredient Fix Rising Star

-Francine Segan

Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson – the hot star of the Food Network’s new hit series Five Ingredient Fix – took a break from whisking and chopping to chat with Betty Confidential.

Every recipe on your show 5 Ingredient Fix is made with only five ingredients. Why five?

The fun thing with a 5-ingredient recipe is that because it’s just a few ingredients, and sounds and seems so simple, people feel like they can tackle it, no matter what I have them do. They don’t even realize that they are using quite difficult techniques and are becoming a chef in their own home. With just a few ingredients, it isn’t so daunting.

What’s your most spectacular cooking failure?

Right after graduating from culinary school I was working as a private chef to make extra money. I was cooking with another private chef for a couple who are very influential in the NYC art scene. Editors of the New York Times and other big shots were there, and even though it was only a dinner for eight, it was a little bit intimidating.

We decided to make white salmon, which is only available one time a year and is VERY expensive. We accidentally burned the fish. It was totally my fault … we had no fish to serve for the main course.

What did you end up serving?

We made a double batch of the side dish—a giant plate of herb lentils with yogurt on top. It was the most important chef job of my life up until then, and it was a total disaster. It was a humbling experience.


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