The Bachelor Proposes to Vienna!

Jake Pavelka offered the final rose-and an engagement ring-to bad girl Vienna Giraldi, but did he make the right choice?
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The Bachelor Proposes to Vienna!

Jake Pavelka offered the final rose—and an engagement ring—to bad girl Vienna Giraldi, but did he make the right choice?

-Delaina Dixon

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giraldi

It’s official: Bad girls do finish first.

Last night on The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love Jake Pavelka, the 32-year-old pilot from Dallas, Tex., followed his heart as he asked 23-year-old Florida marketing representative Vienna Giraldi to be his bride.

This is no news to Betty Confidential. In interviews, Jake has said that he’s always been drawn to the crazy girls. Why would we expect him to change now?

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Picking Vienna certainly wasn’t without its controversy. Right off the bat, she didn’t click with the other 24 women at the Bachelor house. Her biggest adversary, Ali Fedotowsky, spent half the season saying how she could never be with Jake if he also had feelings for a girl like Vienna. (Looks like all that smack talk paid off for Ali who has been named the new Bachelorette!)

That lack of female bonding continued as Vienna met Jake’s mom, Sallie, and his sisters-in-law, Laura and Lindsay. Of course, it didn’t help that Jake had casually mentioned to them that Vienna was the “girl that nobody liked” back at the mansion. Their claws were out, especially after Vienna giggled like a 12-year-old as the family grilled her on why she just can’t get along with other women. And she didn’t make any inroads with Jake’s mom, who lives by the mantra that the women are the glue that hold a family together and it’s a daughter-in-law’s duty to uphold that tradition.

But you can never judge a book by its cover. After several awkward moments of confrontation with the family over dinner, Vienna plainly stated that people didn’t like her because she spoke her mind honestly, choosing to say what she really felt about them to their faces and not behind their backs.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Giraldi

Though she couldn’t recite a laundry list of qualities why she loved Jake, she actually seemed genuine as she told his mom that she, “can’t see leaving here without him,” which prompted Sallie to apologize for judging Vienna so quickly. “I think she would make a good wife for him,” Jake’s mother said.

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0 thoughts on “The Bachelor Proposes to Vienna!

  1. Frankly, I still believe that Jake should have chosen Gia — she possessed the qualities of a siren & a sweetheart. Both Tenley & Vienna seemed to be opposite ends of the same measure — either extreme would be difficult to manage in a relationship. I disagree with the choice of Ali for the Bachelorette — she was an absolute turn-off in her consistent fixation on & negativity towards Vienna — it was a catty & stereotypical display of insecurity. Gia’s my girl — she was the most mature & dignified of all! Go Gia — Jake’s mistake will be some lucky man’s gift!

  2. Jake & Vienna have spunk in there relationship they have such good times together thats how all relationships should be yes I too thought he was going to dump both and go to Ali but I think Jake made the right choice A TOAST TO GOOD TIMES! hope it last

  3. I dont know what Jake sees in Vienna. I would have chosen Tenley over Vienna. I think what Jake has with Vienna is just physical chemistry and nothing more. I dont think they’ll last! I’ll bet on it! I dont think Jake knows what he wants at all.

  4. I quit watching the batchelor after Andrew Firestone, he was a good friend of my son’s, so we got a lot of the inside scoop. And, I strongly believe that most of these guys are single because they have no clue as to what they want or that they even want to find a girl. Obviously, they LOVE the attention and their 15 minutes of fame. And, in the few weeks that they have to select a mate, they don’t use their brains, but rather they are drawn to the physical connection. I agree with Jessica 03, this one will go the way of the others. It’ll probably last a few months and then it will be over. She would never, in a hundred years fit into his family with all the other females. While this show seems like a good idea, I’m not sure that they really do their homework beyond selecting physically attractive girls and guys! Watch for the next announcement of the split!

  5. Jake and Vienna won’t last. Maybe he’ll show up at The Bachelorette house at some point and ask Ali if she’s found someone there…and if not, tell her she was right about Vienna and ask Ali to be his girl. He’s a loser.
    By the way, when does this guy work? He was on The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, and now he’ll be on DWTS.
    And Vienna, the “marketing representative”….give me a break. I heard that she’s a waitress at Hooters, so she markets what??? LOL

  6. comeon guys, you know why Jake chose Vienna, after all the first meeting she had with him, she sneaked back to his bedroom and spent the night.After that he was waitingfor the next night, not trying to find out anything about the other girls. He kept saying how sexy she was, boy He should know.She should have been thrown off the program after the first night with him. My pick was Gina, she was a real Lady.

  7. First, Jillian Harris picks Ed, a nasally-voiced Herman Munster look-alike with no muscle tone, then Jake goes for the girl with fake blond extensions and a reptilian smile. There’s no accounting for taste.

  8. Vienna is all about the money that she can get from jake and nothing more… she will run around on him,so lookout jake… make sure you get blood tests and put a chain on your wallet,you dont wann pay for another boob job…..

  9. I never liked Vienna from the start, don’t know what Jake sees in her. Vienna was the least attractive of all the women. And she had no class. I was hoping Ali would end up being his choice. But I am glad she is the new Bachelorette. That Gia was also a good choice for Jake. I doubt Jake and Vienna will last or even end up married. If they do marry it won’t last 2 months. From what I heard only 4 couples are still together, since the show started…

  10. Yes, It’s obvious which head Jake is thinking with. Vienna is so immature but has a rocking body. The attraction is definatly PHYSICAL. She also seems very self-centered She is all, “What’s in it for me?” Just like most of the people in the spotlight, they will move on to bigger and better things. Time will tell.

  11. Tenley may just be too sweet. She also still has a lot of emotional baggage from her first marriage. She didn’t challenge Jake in any way. I think he needed the challenge Vienna gave him. Will it last? Who knows what will happen when ‘real life’ takes over, but of course the show is sending them back to paradise, so….

    I’d like to know what airline Jake works for that will let him off to do two TV shows and the trip. If I did that, I’d have no job left.

  12. I was more dissapointed than surprised that he picked Vienna. Ali is my girl and I was also hoping he would dump Vienna and
    Tenley and go back to Ali. Jake seems like a real fake. I don’t believe he is ready to marry anyone. He is an actor and I believe he is using Vienna and the publicity she generates to get his career restarted. Jake’s family doesn’t like Vienna. They only pretended to like her after talking to her, because I believe the producers didn’t want them to look like they were taking sides. The tension between them was so thick you could cut it with a knife. This is sad because Vienna really loves him and he is going to break her heart. I give them 6 weeks. Shame on you Jake

  13. Hell yes he made the RIGHT choice! A relationship is between two people, and two people alone. Her ability to get along with his family is really not that important, neither is her ability to get along with 24 other women who are competing for the same man. What matters is that they have the chemistry and the bond, and they obviously enjoy each other very much. The way he looked at her while they were dancing said EVERYTHING.

    Tenley may be a sweet girl (waaay too saccharine in my opinion) but sweetness isn’t the key to a lasting relationship. If you can’t maintain chemistry and be able to have fun with someone, it will not last, no matter what a good person they are.

  14. Gia was the best girl there. Gia should be the next Bachelorette… definitely not Ali!! As for Jake, why he didn’t pick the real lady, Gia is a mystery to me. I will not watch this show with Ali on it. Which means my time with this show is probably over for good.

  15. i thought Jake was extremely handsome and VERY much a gentleman when I watched his show with Jillian, BUT, that has all changed, now I question his integrity and I am hoping that his time with Vienna will be short and that they both will learn something

  16. Jake is old enough to know what he wants and it seems he has a more playful side than what we saw. Vienna likes to have fun also, and that is such an important part of a happy marriage — a married couple can’t be serious all the time.

    As far as Ali, I think she was a real b _ _ _ _ . She was always trying to stir up trouble. Her season will be the first one I will not be watching and I have watched every season prior to this, both bachelors and bacheloretts . I’m so disappointed that she was chosen. Bet she is a real control freak and always wants everything her way or no way.

  17. My condolences to Jake’s family and to Jake! Talk about a BIG mistake! Jake, you should go back and watch the video and listen VERY CAREFULLY to what your mom said when she first met Vienna. Obviously, you are not a very good judge of character and you are looking for only the ‘heat of the moment’. Grow up and realize that you have in the past chose the wrong women … There you go again! This ‘princess’ won’t be true to you and she is a pit viper. I predict, if you marry her, your life will end up being a living hell, as well as your family. You will have a very difficult time dealing with Vienna’s family, especially her controlling father. Good luck Jack, you will certainly need it. After you shack up a while and the new wears off perhaps you will see Vienna for what she really is … a vicious trouble maker. Actually, you will need more than luck. I hope she decides to return to Florida, Texas doesn’t need any more people who are the likes of her. I truly feel sorry for you and your family if she joins the clan.

  18. Seriously, people, how can anyone support Ali for the next Bachelorette? She showed a true nastiness throughout the show. Did anyone notice that suddenly she changed her tune and tried to be nice about Vienna? I knew right then that she was doing this to change her image in order to become the new Bachelorette.

  19. Also, everyone thinks Tenley is SO sweet. Did everyone forget that she jumped right in with Ali at the beginning when they were being so catty towards Vienna? Plus, I think being married to her would be like being married to a little girl…she is extremely childish and I would probably shoot myself if I had to listen to that annoying voice everyday.

  20. What was jake thinking? I really thought that he was going to end up with Ali…Well he may have that physical attraction that he talks about but how long is that going to last? And as nasty as vienna was with the 24 woman on the show..what do u think is going to happen when he is dancing with the stars and them rupping all up against him…And if he thinks he will be able to have a open friendship with tentlee and ali, with her around that is a joke…I’m not saying that he wasn’t attration to her but for all the wrong reasons…Tentley and Ali don’t know how lucky then are that they didn’t get picked cause i personally think he was a player…Saying he was in love with 3 then 2 and like tentley told him she was thankful that he didn’t pick her knowing what she knows now…He is going to be sorry at the outcome…and his poor family for having to be around her…She put up a good front, changing her attitude…she isn’t in love with him, she is in love with his wallet…

  21. I have not watched the Bachelor for several seasons and decided that ABC finally got a great guy to watch. WRONG. I’m apalled that he actually picked the most immature “girl” on the show. I refrain from using the work lady or woman because I don’t feel she has the maturity to carry either of those titles. While I would never wish his relationship ill will, I don’t think there is any way in the world they will actually make it down the aisle unless Jake only cares about outward appearances. I honestly don’t think she has what it takes to handle him or his family intellectually.

  22. Jake come on!!! The difference between Tenley and Vienna was…drum roll… LOVE AND LUST!! And lust will not hold a relationship together! So after several months, you and Vienna will be history! What was different with Tenley (as you said)then with other women was that you were forming the beginnings of a long lasting relationship together and that just freaked you out!! And as far as Allie goes-she is the reason I will not be watching any more of these shows. I am done with this junk.

  23. From the moment Ali started complaining about Vienna, I was over her! I think she decided she would force Jake’s hand to make a decision because she could not stand the heat of the competition – she is nothing but a QUITTER! And, HELLO – if her job was more important than Jake, why will she be on next season? I think she felt that Vienna was too much competition for her and her super-sized ego got in her way! This was all a contrivance on her part to leave with her ego intact! I am very disappointed that she will be on next season – DEFINITELY WILL NOT BE WATCHING THAT ONE! I hope that Jake and Vienna make it; however, I’m concerned that they will need more substance than the physical attraction they most certainly have. You go, Vienna! You stood up for yourself and did not cave in to Ali and her super-sized ego.

  24. I actually think they make a cute couple. He was so much more fun and interesting when he was around her. They can balance each other out. If it doesn’t last forever, that’s OK. Not every relationship has to end in marriage. It’s about the journey. That said, I hope the best for them, as they do seem truly in love. I would have loved for Gia to be the bachelorette instead of Ali, btw.

  25. great…a Slovak/Italian wedding??? …NOT! The reason he never got someone like Vienna in the first place, was because girls like her don’t pick up dorks like him in the clubs….she’ll kick him to the curb like a pair of flats from Payless…He wasn’t looking for a wife, my guess is that he hasn’t hit the sheets with anyone for a while; she was easy.

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