Tell Us About The Best Father You Know

The Betty team would like to hear stories about the Father in your life - whether it be about your dad or your husband.

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Tell Us About The Best Father You Know

We want to hear your stories

-The Betty Editors

a father and his childrenFather’s Day is coming up, and we want to hear about the great fathers in your life – from the man who raised you to your own husband helping raise your children. What do they do that makes them special? Tell us about the special father in your life and send in his picture. We’ll pick a few and feature them in the week leading up to Father’s Day – with recognition like that, you may not even need to buy a gift!

Send your stories and a photo to by Friday June 12th.

To get started here’s a tribute by Stephanie Elliot, aka, Manic Mommy, to her husband, Mr. Manic:

Okay, so I’m annoyed.

My husband, Scott, took the grocery list and came back with the wrong stuff. Again. I had detailed every little item down to what aisle he would find the julienne cut sun-dried tomatoes. And still, we have wrong stuff, forgotten apples, and no Paul Newman dressing for the salad.

Last week Scott went to Target with my organized list detailed down to the brand name, color, quantity and aisle where he could find each item.

And what did he bring home? I got regular Puffs tissue, not the Puffs with lotion. And the Clorox Rain Scented Bleach in the white bottle I requested? Somehow that translated into Clorox colorfast laundry detergent in a blue bottle! I’m glad I didn’t need Pampers for our little one. He’d probably come back with a box of Depends.

So I pull an attitude, strutting around the house, mumbling under my breath that we never use non-lotion tissues, and that I wanted bleach not laundry detergent. And why the heck couldn’t he remember apples – they’re the first item on the list.

And then, God forbid, he puts something away. No really, he puts things away! One afternoon, I was searching for the only medicine my feverish daughter would drink-the orange liquid kind. I ranted and raved that I couldn’t find it and it had been on the counter just the other night!

When I finally found it, it was nowhere near where it usually is kept. It was in the most unlikely spot – the MEDICINE CABINET! And I got peeved with my husband because he had put something away, because I had left it out on the counter! Most women I know would give up their morning Starbucks latte if their husbands would clean up a cluttered bathroom.

Then, just in time, I catch myself with a major reality check and wonder, “What is my problem?”

I have a husband who gives up weekend free time to run errands that I am completely capable of doing during the week. When he offers to go to the store for me, I immediately become suspicious. Why does he want out? Am I so terrible to be around he’d rather fight the crowds on Saturday morning?

Honestly, I’m secretly amazed that Scott still puts up with my less-than-June-Cleaver attitude around the house. He doesn’t expect a three-course meal each night, and is usually thrilled when I’ve “prepared” a store-bought rotisserie chicken or Shake ‘N’ Bake pork chops with a side of instant mashed potatoes and frozen vegetables.
He irons his own shirts, takes the laundry to the dry cleaners, helps bathe and put the kids to bed every night, and cleans up the kitchen more than he should have to (Note to self: don’t let him read this!).

He changes light bulbs and poopy diapers, takes out the trash, and folds laundry when he can no longer stand looking at the basket of clean clothes I’ve tried to hide in the corner of the living room.

He gets my car washed and fills up the tank even before I know it’s on empty. He takes the kids out for doughnuts on Saturdays. He encourages me to have outside interests and time with friends. He sends me corny e-cards, leaves me voice mails when our song comes on the radio, and always calls when he’s on his way home.

Come to think of it, I’m not the one who should be annoyed here. Really, it’s Scott who should be annoyed with me. It’s reality-check time. I’m going to start making sure Scott knows I really do appreciate the extras that make him so extra-special! In fact, I’m going to lay off a bit and the next time he comes home with kiwis instead of kumquats, I’ll just give him a big, gracious hug and say, “Thanks honey!”

Happy Father’s Day to all you husbands who are doing your absolute best for your families. Your wives and children thank you!

Send your stories and a photo to by Friday June 12th.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Stephanie. Sometimes it’s helpful to focus on the positives that you do have going. I’m lucky to have a great guy, too. Even if he sometimes gets things wrong… =)

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