The Best Jeans for Your Body

5 perfect denim picks for 5 different body types
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J. Crew bootcut jeans

If you’re athletic…
You’re toned and taut so you need to flaunt what you’ve got. If you have toned legs (and you don’t want to rock a mini), go for a boot-cut jean to keep you looking long and lean, since tapered ankles can actually make your thighs look a little hefty. J. Crew’s Bootcut is a favorite (and they come in corduroy, too). Starting at $79.50,

Gap distressed skinny jeans

If you’re slim…
Nothing modernizes a look like skinny jeans. Whether paired with a cardi and flats or a sexy embellished top and killer statement shoes, the narrow silhouette makes any ensemble look fashion-forward. I’m loving the new distressed skinnies from the Gap, but I can’t decide between the ones with the buttons on the ankles or without. At such a great price, I might have to scoop up both. $69.50,

J brand babe bellbottom jeans

If you have long legs…
My friend Elise has legs that go on for days, and you wouldn’t think that would be a problem, until you go shopping for jeans. She swears by J Brand bell bottoms because they’re “super-long” and Citizens of Humanity since they’re “the longest with the best fit.” J Brand “Babe,” $181; Citizens of Humanity, starting at about $160; all available at

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0 thoughts on “The Best Jeans for Your Body

  1. Are you freakin KIDDING ME?!?!? Not one pair of jeans under $50?!?!?! Sorry, I don’t care how well they fit, I’m not spending the equivalent of three tanks of gas ($69.50), or two weeks worth of groceries ($181) on jeans.

  2. LOL!!! It costs me about $45 to fill my tank with 87 octane and about the same as yogapantz for less than a week of groceries… so no, I’m not spending this much on jeans either! 😉 I don’t think I’ve ever spent over $40.

    And what is up with skinny jeans? Hate ’em. They are so 80s! Or, I’m so old. Either or…

    I can usually find a Levi – 528 most recently – or Bongo cut that works for “athletic”. Once and a while I find a decent fit at Target.

  3. I like the tips that they describe how to fit your shape but ya, that price is way too steep. We are in a recession here! 😛 I don’t mind them suggesting high end clothes but a cheap alternative would be more helpful.

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