The Best Shapewear For You

10 pieces that will turn your silhouette from flab to fab.
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4. Problem Area: Waist
Every woman wants a sexy hourglass figure, and shapewear like the Body Wrap: Firm Control High-Waist Panty ($40, makes it possible. As Jené points out, it whittles away extra weight so that attention will be paid first to your narrow waist, and not on problem areas.


5. Problem Area: Tummy
You may be in good shape, but sometimes your tummy just has a mind of its own and mushrooms out over your jeans. To keep it in check, Jené recommends this Yummie Tummie: Long Length Shapewear Tank ($62, Even though it looks like an average tank top, it works so well in trimming your midsection that it was featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show.


6. Problem Area: Hips
If you’ve got bigger hips and thighs than you would like, smooth them into a more desirable size with Dr. Rey Shapewear: Hi-Waist Capri Shaper ($28, It has stay-put leg bands and a comfortable wide waistband for maximum comfort and control. “It’s perfect to wear under pencil skirts and pants because it pulls everything in and eliminates VPL (visible panty lines),” Jené says.


7. Problem Area: Thighs
Besides tummies, thighs are one of the most common problem areas for women. If yours jiggle when you walk, hold them in place with shapewear specifically designed to slim them, like this Miraclesuit: Firm-Control Hi-waist Thigh Slimmer ($32, 


8. Problem Area: Butt
“A lumpy bumpy butt is never appealing!” says Jené, and we couldn’t agree more. Give your caboose a flattering boost with these Spanx: Power Panties ($30, “These should be in every woman’s closet,” says Jené. “They’re great to wear under everything, even jeans!”


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