The Betty Interview: James Tupper

The Mercy star is a fantastic actor, true romantic, great dad, and is fun to look at. What's not to love?
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James Tupper and Anne Heche

Would you ever go on Dancing With the Stars?
I don’t think so. I went on once to watch it and then they asked for comments afterwards. It was the season Emmitt Smith won and I was really hoping for him actually because I loved him as a running back.

Other than dancing, what do you do to relax?
I drink a glass of wine every night as I study my lines. I like to jog too. I probably run about 10 miles a week. It helps me get my mind off of things and just get in the zone. And on weekends, I like to watch football. I’m a big Patriots fan from back in the day before they were doing so well. I loved them when they were 1-15.

Which male celebs would you like to watch the Super Bowl with?
I’ve always liked Nicolas Cage because he’s figured out how to be a leading man and he’s tough. Clint Eastwood is a hero. Oh, and Robert Redford. He’s had an amazing career.

What’s the most-played song on your iPod?
This week it’s been The Counting Crows’ “Mr. Jones.” I went back and got into them again, but I love music and switch it up all the time.

And you’re a musician too, right?
I’d use that term very loosely! I’ve been playing guitar for five or six years. I’m rhythmical, but I have limited musical talent. I just do it for the love of it. Some days I even play it almost like a harp for the kids, and we make up silly songs that often involve potty language.

Are you passing on that musicality to your kids?
Yeah, I think Attie is going to be a drummer the way he pounds on things! And Homer is learning the piano.

What’s the one dish you can cook the best?
I do these crispy, thin Swedish pancakes with tons of powdered sugar and maple syrup on Saturday or Sunday mornings. It’s basically a candy bar, but Homer loves them. I also make flavored coffees in the morning for Anne and bring them up to bed.

What would be a perfect day alone with Anne?
Well, for Father’s Day she bought me a Vespa, so I would take her on it for a drive down the coastline. I’d check us into a bed and breakfast and go to a café and have some drinks while looking out over the water. Then I’d take her home early, if you know what I mean… [Sex] would definitely be a part of the scenario.

Patty Adams is a New York City-based writer whose work has been published in Seventeen, Fitness, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

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