The Betty Interview: Joan Rivers

The comedian and queen of the red carpet, Joan Rivers, dishes with BettyConfidential on plastic surgery, fashion, millionaires and money
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How Did You Get So Rich? concludes on Wednesday. What did you learn from the millionaires you interviewed for the show? Is there a secret to getting really rich?
The millionaires all had one thing in common. They were brilliant marketers and they all work 24 hours a day. One man who we have on the last show came to America from Croatia. He couldn’t speak a word of English. Now he lives in an enormous house that looks like the George V Hotel in Paris, the hotel he always admired. It is wonderful that people can still succeed like this today.

Demi Moore

All right let’s go back to the red carpet. What was your best, worst and funniest moment interviewing the stars?
To be honest, they all moosh together. But one moment that I loved is when Dustin Hoffman picked me up in his arm and we stormed the Emmys together. I didn’t have a ticket.

I remember the ones with great style like Chloe Sevigny and Sarah Jessica Parker. And the fashion mistakes. Once Nicole Kidman was in green, a color that was somewhere between olive and khaki that Dior put her in. Awful! And once there was Demi Moore in bicycle shorts. The idiot!

We know you have had ups and downs in your career and in your private life. Your husband, who was also your manager, took his own life. You’ve lost big jobs. These all were clearly crisis moments. How did you cope? How did you go on?
Move ahead! Don’t dwell. You cannot change the past. Just move forward. Also you must always keep a childlike attitude that you must never lose which is “I’ll show them.” That’s what I’ve done and still do. The other day I found out a show I was working on was not going to happen. A day later my producer and I came up with a couple of other shows.

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  1. I also love her attitude on not dwelling and moving on. Good karma through and through. And how funny and unique that she would want a boat builder on an island. I might choose a margarita maker!

  2. Joan Rivers is the ultimate Betty! Love her — and I l;ove her motto — keep moving forward.

    This is priceless:
    But if you were [looking for a man] what qualities would you be looking for?
    Rich and close to death.

    What a great interview.

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