The Betty Interview: Joan Rivers

The comedian and queen of the red carpet, Joan Rivers, dishes with BettyConfidential on plastic surgery, fashion, millionaires and money
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Joan and Melissa Rivers

What’s the biggest fight you ever had with your daughter, Melissa?
It is ongoing when it is mother and daughter. It is probably, “Why are you going to wear that? Are you really wearing that?” It is very hard for me to realize she is an adult.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever given her?
I’ve told her to always move forward. And when it comes to business I’ve told her that whoever signs your check is your boss. So don’t ever let go of being in control of the money in the business. I learned that from working at Fox. They were the ones who could just stop writing the check.

You have had many plastic surgery procedures. What was the one you were most satisfied with?
I don’t know. I do very little at a time, which is a great way to go. My advice is start it when you are young, and do it little by little. Girls, the lines start forming on your forehead at 29. I did plastic surgery more because of age than for any other reason. I am in a youth-oriented business. You have got to look good on the screen.

If you weren’t in show business would you have had so much plastic surgery?
I don’t know. But when I went to my 50th college reunion it was obvious which women took care of themselves and which didn’t. It is stupid not to do what you can and look better.

Which procedure were you disappointed with?
Liposuction. I am not a fan. I think it is very scary. And it comes back in other places.

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0 thoughts on “The Betty Interview: Joan Rivers

  1. I also love her attitude on not dwelling and moving on. Good karma through and through. And how funny and unique that she would want a boat builder on an island. I might choose a margarita maker!

  2. Joan Rivers is the ultimate Betty! Love her — and I l;ove her motto — keep moving forward.

    This is priceless:
    But if you were [looking for a man] what qualities would you be looking for?
    Rich and close to death.

    What a great interview.

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