The Betty Interview: Joan Rivers

The comedian and queen of the red carpet, Joan Rivers, dishes with BettyConfidential on plastic surgery, fashion, millionaires and money
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What makes you laugh?
The truth really laid out. That’s what I do and I always get in trouble.

Who is your favorite comedian?
All-time favorite: Lenny Bruce, though most young people today may not know who he was. Today I think Chris Rock is just brilliant.

How do you think Jay Leno will do at 10 p.m.?
I think he will put America to sleep even earlier. And that’s good because it will save power and light.

Joan Rivers jewelry

Your jewelry line is great success. What is hot in jewelry for this year? What’s your best seller?
Necklaces, the bigger the better. We are constantly working on our jewelry. This year what is in style is jewelry that is big and fun. You spend $57, and it is an easy way to be back in fashion.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?
Lying in bed with the most delicious food that turns out to be diet. And having 162 books around me to read. Right now I am reading a book called Dancing On the Precipice about the time of the French Revolution. I love that time in history. My apartment is furnished in pieces from this period. If Marie Antoinette walked in and had her head she would look around and feel right at home.

Who would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?
A boat builder.

Are you still looking for a guy?

But if you were what qualities would you be looking for?
Rich and close to death.

At Betty we always asked about men in this way — Of these three guys who would you want to marry, date or dump: Donald Trump, Daniel Craig or Billy Crystal?
None of the above!

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0 thoughts on “The Betty Interview: Joan Rivers

  1. I also love her attitude on not dwelling and moving on. Good karma through and through. And how funny and unique that she would want a boat builder on an island. I might choose a margarita maker!

  2. Joan Rivers is the ultimate Betty! Love her — and I l;ove her motto — keep moving forward.

    This is priceless:
    But if you were [looking for a man] what qualities would you be looking for?
    Rich and close to death.

    What a great interview.

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