The Bettys: The Most Important Thing Our Mothers Taught Us

We're so glad they clued us in!
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The Bettys: The Most Important Thing Our Mothers Taught Us

We’re so glad they clued us in!

-The Bettys

Mother and daughter

We set aside a special day each year so we can appreciate our mothers; to say thank you for teaching us the indispensible knowledge that helps get us through our lives with as much grace, skill and joy as possible.

The BettyConfidential team was quick to pinpoint some of their favorite things our moms have taught us…

“My mother taught me how to pack. She’s a bit of a nomad, our family was always traveling growing up (Asia, Europe, USA). To her, the most important thing was that we were all together. (“Why would you want to be bogged down by a bunch of things in a bag? You can’t hop on a moving train if you have three suitcases!” Which in India, is SO true!) The material things can always be bought or found on our travels, but what can’t be bought or replaced was being surrounded by people you love and who love you.” -Zoe Turner, writer

Justin DeMarco with his mother

“My mom is a second grade teacher, so she made sure to teach me the importance of manners. She sees on an every day basis how rude children can be. So, she and my dad made a pact they would raise my sister and I to be respectful. I’m glad they did. I’ve learned a smile and a hello, as well as a pleasant demeanor can go a long way.” -Justin DeMarco, writer

“My mom taught me the value of hard work and of showing up every day. My mother worked for decades outside the home as a bank clerk, and it was an unforgettable lesson to me to see how much satisfaction and enjoyment she derived from her job. I don’t think she ever missed a day. Like her, I love work for both the fun of the job itself and for the social interaction it provides. The money helps, too.” -Jane Farrell, senior editor


Kathryn H. Cusimano with her mother

“My mother taught me to always be kind. She has reminded me over and over that there is no need to resort to meanness, even when others are not kind to me. This has always stuck with me, and as a result, I try as hard as I can to be as kind as possible.” -Kathryn H. Cusimano, assistant editor

Diane Clehane with her daughter

“My mother taught me that a mother’s love lasts forever.” -Diane Clehane, parenting columnist

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