The Cougar Hunters

An entire subculture of young men has emerged looking for the well tanned and toxed older lady. The females of the species aren't the only ones leading the hunt these days.
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The Cougar Hunters

An entire subculture of young men has emerged looking for the well tanned and toxed older lady. The females of the species aren’t the only ones leading the hunt these days.

-Sarah Polonsky

Aaron Johnson and Sam Taylor-Wood

Kick-Ass star Aaron Johnson is only 19. While his peers spend their nights sweating over whether the bartender will honor their fake ID’s, Aaron plays it cool. Nightlife’s not really a priority anyway, as his fiancée won’t be drinking for the next several months—or at least until the baby’s done breastfeeding. No, this isn’t an episode of “16 and Pregnant.” This is a new kind of Hollywood power couple. Johnson is engaged to 43-year-old director Sam Taylor-Wood—who is seven months pregnant with his baby. For the mathematically challenged, that is more than twice his age!

“It’s not scary,” Johnson told the NY Post “I’m already a stepdad anyway. So the nerves have sort of gone,” he added referring to Taylor-Wood’s two daughters, which she had while married to art dealer Jay Jopling. That marriage ended in 2008.

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The couple met onset of her 2009 flick Nowhere Boy, about John Lennon’s childhood. The handsome young Johnson was playing the role of Lennon when the two found they were immediately drawn to each other. Taylor-Wood—who has fought off both colon and breast cancer in recent years—told The Guardian, “We had quite a psychic link. I felt that link almost from Day One of meeting him.” Now they are preparing to walk down the aisle in a very private ceremony at an undisclosed place and time.

Though Johnson and Taylor-Wood’s May-December romance may be a bit of an extreme, the phenomenon of younger men being attracted to older women is nothing new. And now with the social acceptance of the female cougar, the young cougar hunters are getting a little more brazen in their public displays of affection. For example, Sam Morril, a 23-year-old comic from NYC says he enjoys the benefits of dating strictly older ladies and even jokes about it.  “The last woman I dated was a single mother,” he said. “ She had very maternal qualities. I still had to pay for dinner, but I could do it with the allowance she gave me.”

Here’s a look at some other cougar hunters.

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0 thoughts on “The Cougar Hunters

  1. I’ve definitely dated my fair share of younger guys over the years (tho most are just a couple years younger); while I’m glad to see this become more accepted, the idea that some guys (“cougar hunters”) are just trying to score with someone’s mom is a little unsettling.

  2. It is difficult being in a relationship when there is a huge generation gap…and sometimes the older you get the bigger the gap. I am not saying it is not possible to make it work, but it takes more work than a pairing that is closer in age….

  3. I can’t stand when a cougar bangs me and then says “this isn’t working out.” Bull, most cougars are just wild women that want huge variety. The last cougar I was with refused to find a replacement cougar for herself when she broke it off with me. So I put honey in her car’s gas tank, the biatche! Stranding me without any tuna to dive on, I showed her ass!

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