The Duggars Want More Kids!

With a brood of 19, they're looking to make a bigger family.

The Duggars Want More Kids!

With a brood of 19, they’re looking to make a bigger family.

-Jane Farrell

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar with Josie

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the Arkansas couple who have 19 kids already, are looking to have more—even as their latest, daughter Josie, is released from a neo-natal intensive care unit.

In an interview with RadarOnline, Michelle said, “We would love to have more! I’m 43, 44 this September. I know that my mommy years are probably numbered, and I don’t know how many more children God will see fit to give me.”

The Duggars have also been thinking of expanding their family via adoption. Jim Bob told RadarOnline he was inspired by a family he knew who had adopted five special-needs kids; they already had nine biological children.

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But right now, they said, they are taking it one day at a time because of their recent family crisis. The newest Duggar child, Josie, was born four months prematurely and had to be put into a neonatal intensive care unit.

After weeks in the unit, Michelle says, Josie is ready to come home, having gained enough weight to be healthy.

“Miss Josie is amazing,” Michelle told the website. “She’s usually smiling and cooing and looking at you and looking around. It is so sweet and she has the cutest dimples, one really huge one in her left check.

A special episode of the Duggars’ TLC reality show, 19 and Counting, airs on May 7. It’s called Josie Comes Home. (RadarOnline)

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5 thoughts on “The Duggars Want More Kids!

  1. what a sweet family – the kids all seem well mannered, respectful and joyous – if they want more children, I say more power to them – it is obvious that they have huge hearts and lots of love to give – if you want to worry about them having so many children, worry instead for all the unwanted ones –

  2. The movement they belong to is called Quiverfull, it’s a CULT – there is nothing sweet about this group what-so-ever. The fact is she keeps breeding and the older children are raising the younger ones, she can’t even spend an hour a day with the children and probably less than an hour a week. It’s horrifying to make a woman a baby brood mare in human form, all of the girls will be married off to males raised in the sect and they will have the same sad lives as their delusional mother.

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