The End of American Idol?

The contestants aren't wowing us, Simon Cowell has already checked out and Ellen DeGeneres is no Paula Abdul. Betty's Poet Laureate wonders, what happened to our favorite singing s
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The End of American Idol?

The contestants aren’t wowing us, Simon Cowell has already checked out and Ellen DeGeneres is no Paula Abdul. Betty’s Poet Laureate wonders, what happened to our favorite singing show?

-Betty’s Poet Laureate

American Idol judges

Oh what has become of American Idol season nine?
We’d rather watch the drying of paint or turpentine.

We’ve got much to say, but at our argument’s crux
Is that this season is awful, it just straight up sucks.

Ellen, you’re just so awkward and out of place,
Kind of makes us wish we didn’t have to see your face.

We had high hopes and thought as a judge you’d rule,
But all you’ve done is make us miss crazy Paula Abdul.

Embarrassed to be there at all is you, Simon Cowell,
Your face bears no expression other than that scowl.

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Kara, you need a break from your daily spray-on tan
You’re now more orange than an Oompa-Loompa man.

Last week’s theme made everything way worse, FYI.
Not much more we can say other but: TMI, TMI, TMI.

We did love to hate the uber cheery Haeley Vaughn,
What will we do now the headband-maker is gone?

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16 thoughts on “The End of American Idol?

  1. So true. I cant stand Ellen. She make’s the most awful comments and feedbacks ever. If simon is gone, I will definitely not watch this show. In fact, they should just end american idol.

  2. Sooo boooring. Is Simon trying to kill the show so nobody will watch when he is gone. And what about a bunch of no-talent guy singers. And Ellen is just irritating. Why are we watching???

  3. I don’t mind the judges themselves, but man the comments are sooooo boring. One judge per contestant needs to say a monologue the others can agree or disagree and shut up! Paula was no better. Most of her comments were about style and how good someone looks.

  4. I think it’s still too early in the show. I think the women are amazing singers and have original voices. The guys are boring but I have hope for Andrew Garcia.

  5. i don’t have a dis or like on ellen but this year it is weird not to interesting but i do want mexican tattoo’s to win the short one that ware’s stocking hats.

  6. Indifference is an extremely contageous ailment…and in this case it starts from the top down. How can the contestants be expected to be excited and perform great when they feel like nothing they are doing is actually being seen (let alone appreciated or critiqued) by the “imagemakers”?

  7. Simon is leaving, Paula is already gone, Kara is unpopular, Ellen is uncomfortable, the contestants are the worst in A.I. history. If the show is even on next season, it has to improve or it’s over.

  8. I quit watching around Constantine time and then watched that big girl who sang even better than jennifer hudson the dream girls song I can’t remember title. I missed Adam but heard he was good..Watched first season religiously than only watched now and then.

  9. It’s so boring ,can’t hardly stand to watch it !! Ellen is a joke !! They should have kept Paula or replaced her with a musical person like Shania Twain !!!

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