The First Gardener

Michelle Obama helps kids plant for the future.

The First Gardener

Michelle Obama helps kids plant for the future.

-Jane Farrell

Michelle Obama

The First Lady, working with kids this week in her organic garden, told them that “There’s nothing better than watching tiny seeds grow into something amazing.”

Besides the production of fruits, vegetables and herbs, Michelle Obama also uses the garden as a symbol to publicize Let’s Move, her campaign against childhood obesity.

The children, from local elementary schools, helped her add broccoli and rhubarb to the garden, which already produces fifty fruits and vegetables, including berries, carrots, sweet potatoes and peas. It’s yielded more than 1,000 pounds of food so far. “Isn’t that amazing?” the First Lady said to her audience.

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The little gardeners were happy to be at the White House, but seemed a bit less enthusiastic about the food that’s good for them.

According to the Washington Post, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who accompanied the First Lady, said to the kids, “Can we say ‘Yay tomatoes’?” No one answered.

“C’mon,” Vilsack urged. “Yay tomatoes!”

And, probably a bit less enthusiastically than Vilsack would have liked, the dutiful answer came back: “Yay tomatoes!”

Well, no one ever said it’s easy to make kids like vegetables. (USA Today, Washington Post)

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2 thoughts on “The First Gardener

  1. “The first lady of the United States, dirt on her knees, then taught the children how to do ‘the rhubarb dance,’ which consisted of wiggling fingers and casting a voodoo-like spell on the herb and chanting, ‘Grow, rhubarb, grow.’ She then marched them rhythmically around the plot. ‘You gotta shake it!’ she instructed.” (Washington Post)

    Best part of the story.

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