The 5-Minute Makeover

Guess what? The 5-minute makover really DOES work!

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The 5-Minute Makeover

Guess what? It really works

-Lois Joy Johnson

happy woman outdoorsMakeovers always appeal to our inner voyeur – and TV reality shows sure have mined that national interest. But right now who has the patience, time, available cash or desire for a head to toe intervention? It’s gorgeously sunny and even I, who never turn down a chance to tinker with the packaging, have a summer to-do list and a smiley face tee shirt that says ” Don’t Worry, be Happy.”

In the interest of promoting a relaxed, sane season here are 5 things that provide a fast fix for those days you just wake up with the blahs:

Sara Blakely Fantastic Firmers Girl Shorts1. Fake being thin and firm. Slip into your new Assets by Sara Blakely Fantastic Firmers Girl Shorts ($23 and take Bethenny Frankel’s paperback Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinny Girl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting ( $9.60 ) to the beach or a park bench. Follow this Real Housewife of New York City‘s refreshing advice about treating your body like a bank account

Arden B.’s Moroccan print maxi dress2. Make your upper body fashion rock – it’s what will make you feel immediately gorgeous sitting behind a restaurant table, driving or at a cocktail party. Look for a jeweled neckline that demands attention. Try Wet Seal’s jewel strap print dress ($24.50 wet or Arden B.’s Moroccan print maxi dress ($128

3. Wear huge oversized movie starry sunglasses to add immediate glamour and mystery like Jessica Simpson’s style U291 ($50 or these  or Michael Kors original oversized squares ($95

Forever 21 Let’s Be Friends tote 4. Carry a huge conversation-starter bag with a political theme to rejuvenate your social life (and you can always use it to hide your tummy too just like the celebs do ) Charlotte Russe’s Peace Sign Tote ($18.99 or Forever 21 Let’s Be Friends tote ($1.50 or Victoria’s Secret Peace tote ($11.99

Mark Instant Vacation Costa Rica Fragrance Mist5. Change up your scent with an out-of-the ordinary one that makes everyone get closer and ask “what’s that you’re wearing? ” Vanillary Fragrance is vegan, organic and smells exactly like a dessert that’s vanilla with a hint of caramel ($41.95 or try Sage Roll-On Essential Oil because it smells sexy and smoky like the New Mexico herb and Egyptian musk ($45 or for something fruity Mark Instant Vacation Costa Rica Fragrance Mist that smells like icy watermelon and a warm sandy beach ($16

So what are you waiting for?  A makeover doesn’t require a major undertaking — just 5 minutes!

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