The Hottest Hair Trends For Fall

BettyConfidential caught up with celebrity hair stylist David Babaii to get some styling tips for fall's must-have hairstyles. David's advice? Think '70s
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The Hottest Hair Trends For Fall

BettyConfidential caught up with celebrity hair stylist David Babaii to get some styling tips for fall’s must-have hairstyles. David’s advice? Think ’70s

-Faye Brennan

Kate Hudson and David BabaiiNobody wants to spend more time than they have to getting ready in the morning, and when it comes to fall, a warm bed seems far more appealing than standing in front of a cold bathroom mirror fussing over your hair. So, we turned to celeb hair stylist David Babaii for tips on the hottest fall hairstyles and how to get them in next to no time.

David, who has worked with Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Catherine Zeta Jones, recently launched a new line of hair products with

David Babaii with Kate Hudson, StarTraks Photo

BFF and number one client, Kate Hudson, called David Babaii for WildAid, which features products made of natural ingredients that are tested on celebrities, rather than animals.

We suggest you tape David’s tips up on your bathroom mirror, and then feel free to hit the Snooze button one more time tomorrow morning.

The Done Un-Done Look

For David, the hottest hair looks for fall are low-maintenance and all about movement — a style that was prominent in the ’70s. “In the ’70s Playboy era, hair was done but un-done,” he says. “What I mean by that is that hair can be high-volume and loose, but there’s nothing really holding it up. It’s a very sexy look. ”

Try these styles:

The Messy Braid

Kate Hudson  
StarTraks Photo

“If you wake up and your hair is all over the place, which I love, do a big, loose braid in the back.”

The “Bumped” Side Part

Angelina Jolie     
StarTraks Photo

“Don’t take the time to blow your hair out or flat-iron it in the morning. Wash your hair and blow-dry it the night before, and then do a side part, bump [meaning tease] the roots for volume, and then just blow out your bangs [if you have them]. I did this look on Angelina Jolie for the Inglourious Basterds premiere. She’s a very low-maintenance person, so I just bumped it, and that was it.”

The Bobby-Pinned Look

Catherine Zeta Jones                          StarTraks Photo

“I think less is so much more. When I styled Catherine Zeta Jones for an appearance for Elizabeth Arden, all I did was just wave her hair very fast and pull the front up with two bobby pins and called it a day.”

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  1. I dont know … if I tried the messy braid people would look at me like I have two heads, “hello – your hair looks terrible” – yet somehow it looks good on Kate!

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