The New Best Way to Meet Your Husband

Survey says your best bet for finding Mr. Right is ... online!
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online datingJulie Spira, author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating: Confessions of a Hopeful Romantic Looking for Love Online, ventured forth on 250 online dates, earning several marriage proposals – and a husband – in the process. She says she’s not at all surprised by the Match marriage results:

“Not a day goes by that I don’t hear a story about someone who has met his or her spouse online,” she says. “Hoping that you might meet someone while out at a club or social event could have a high price tag and you most likely will come home empty-handed. There comes a time in your life when your friends aren’t fixing you up anymore. Online dating has become an efficient way for busy singles to meet their spouses – it’s truly a numbers game.”

And those numbers are crucial. Online dating is exponentially powerful, in that it opens you up to meeting men in general. When I scribbled out my first profile, I was terribly lonesome and frankly, terrified of dating. But online dating forced braveness upon me. With practice, it put me in peak form and opened my eyes to the sea of men around me. I was suddenly meeting guys everywhere I turned. At restaurants, in the gym – literally on the back of a bus.

Yes, mistakes were made. By me, by them, by them again and again and again. But it wasn’t such a big deal. I could click these guys into and out of my life as necessary. I could decide exactly what I wanted in a guy – then change my mind with a few keystrokes.

The whole enterprise is a bit magical when you think about it. It reminds me of a bizarrely addictive public television show I used to watch as a kid in Nebraska. In the show (Once Upon a Time), a beautiful librarian named Marion was captured by Kerfumbly the witch. Cruel Kerfumbly demanded a new story each day. But Marion was a clever bibliophile. She fed ingredients for a story (say a slimy frog or a lost sock) into a magical machine that would literally crank out books to appease Kerfumbly.

With online dating, we get to feed the ingredients for our perfect husband into the Internet machine, crank the handle – and watch him appear before our very eyes.

That, my friends, is a true story.

Tell us: Where did you meet your husband or boyfriend?

Carrie Seim, Betty’s L.A. Correspondent, is a writer and comedian keeping it real in L.A., New York and @

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16 thoughts on “The New Best Way to Meet Your Husband

  1. It’s so true that the simple act of “going there” with online dating opens you up to the possibilities around you. The last time I signed up for a site, I met a great guy — when I was out with my friends. But I KNOW I wouldn’t have paid any attention to him if I hadn’t been doing the online thing, too! Great advice!

  2. I met my husband at a laundromat! He would not take “no” for an answer and, basically, wore me down, until I finally gave him my phone number. We talked for a few weeks before I would accept a date with him. On our first date, he brought me flowers! He was as nervous as I was! We have been married for 8 years (2-14-02); and have been together for 10 years in July!

  3. I met my former husband at work. It was love at first sight and we were married 20 good years. In later years, I met another wonderful man at work with whom I enjoyed a joyful 10 year relationship until he died 3 years ago. I have cancer and don’t work anymore, and because of my health I’m not looking. But I wouldn’t trade my time with these two guys for anything in the world! Before I became ill, I tried the online dating thing and met several very nice men who were educated, handsome and wealthy. Give it a try girls – you’d be surprised whom you will meet! Getting to know someone through Skype conversations and emails lets you get a good idea of what you’re getting before you actually meet, which I think is a great idea.

  4. I have been dating online for four years. I rarely get a response to an ad and when I do, it’s nearly always someone I’d never consider dating. (Too old, too young, no teeth, wearing overalls, no education, smokes, etc.) I’m an attractive woman with a good job and a master’s degree. I may be slightly picky, but not that much. I’m on four or five websites. I don’t get it.

  5. The new BEST way? Mercy! I met my late hubby online almost 11 years ago! We were introduced by a mutual friend. We chatted for a few weeks, and then Dan’l asked me to come for a visit, I said I would, and he sent me a ticket. That was on April 14th, 1999. Due to transportation malfunction (that’s a tale in itself) I arrived in South Carolina on April 16th. A day late, but I finally made it here. We were married on May 21st, 1999. We had a little over ten wonderful years together, until he sadly died this past September. So, yes, you can indeed meet Mr. Right online, I’m proof of that. And yes, you can also meet Mr. Wrong, I’ve heard horror tales from a few BUT, I think the “rule” is, When the time is right, you’ll meet your Mr. Right! Best of luck to you both!

  6. Great way to meet people; but really, the best way??? Risky lifestyle since it is not the safest but I agree that it is fun and if you are smart about it- one can meet many great people!

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  8. That’s really interesting! I think it is the best way to meet my husband. I am going to try this method that you have explained on this blog. I am very glad to read this post and keep sharing such posts!

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