The Newlywed Life: Our First Fight

I never understood those nagging wives ... until I became one!
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The Newlywed Life: Our First Fight

I never understood those nagging wives … until I became one!

-Jenna Mahoney

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I’ve never understood those women who call their boyfriends/husbands when they are out with their friends telling them it is time to come home. I completely support the notion that healthy couples have outside interests. I get that sports, brewery and power-tool times with the boys are must-haves for all men. And honestly, I’ve always thought that women who didn’t recognize that were total nags. Until, the other day when I was on the dialing end of that line.

The back-story: Husband and I have been married now for nearly three months. And in those three months, we have averaged ten minutes a day of alone time. Husband has been working crazy hours (I’m talking 8:30 a.m. to at least midnight crazy). And he recently started a Saturday morning golf class, which eats up most of the day. Do the math and we’ve got early mornings over coffee and Sundays for happy couple time. And since our coffee talk is mostly biz related (How is work going? Don’t forget to call your mother; it’s her birthday. And got anything for the drycleaner?), Sundays are essentially the only fun day for Quality Time.

Which gets us back to the nag incident. A few Sundays ago, I suggested we take a walk through the local flea market and then spend the afternoon lounging at a waterfront park nearby. Husband thought it was a fabu idea. And off we went, smiling all the way. My smile sesh was cut short, however, when a call came from Husband’s equally overworked pal: “Hey! What’s up? I’ll be over in a few.” When the happy-couple-time Interloper appeared, I did the requisite good wife thing and entertained his stories. When I had enough of the threesome — and conversation turned to Buck Hunter and Golden Tee, I quietly excused myself. And off went Husband and Interloper in search of a Sunday Happy Hour.

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