The Science of Good Hair

Try this must-have hair product for a frizz-free summer!

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The Science of Good Hair

The must-have product for a frizz-free summer

-Paige Herman Axel

A woman combing her hairIt’s officially summer, so as anyone with tempremental hair knows, it’s frizz season. I’m not immune myself, but my major issue is that I have an oily scalp, so silicone-based frizz-stopping products are pretty much out of the question, unless I feel like washing (and blow-drying) my hair every 12 hours or so. For me, that has basically meant wearing my hair wavy for each and every summer since I’ve been back in sauna-like South Florida.

Enter Living Proof, and it’s a whole new ball game. Their team, led by MIT scientist Dr. Bob Langer, has developed the first new anti-frizz technology in 30 years, and guess what? It works. After testing more than 1000 frizz-fighting products, these scientists found a lightweight active ingredient never used in beauty products before. It fights the humidity and friction that cause frizz by evenly coating each strand of hair, without weighing it down.

This past weekend, my home was host to a little experiment. My friend Andrea was visiting from NYC, and upon her arrival, she promptly announced that she was trying a new product – the Straight Making No Frizz Styling Treatment For Thick to Coarse Hair. We sat outside in the humidity Friday night and even went out in the rain Saturday night, and her curly hair (loosely pulled back in a chic, messy bun) never got frizzy. When she left, I was inspired, so I tried the line’s Straight Making Styling Spray, and here we are (on Tuesday) with super-smooth strands, despite two days of back-to-back afternoon thunderstorms.

After testing products designed for both straight and curly hair, the verdict is in. Living Proof is a must-have in any woman’s anti-frizz arsenal. And for those of you who aren’t sure which product is best for your hair, the diagnostic tool on the site helps point you in the right direction. $24 each,

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