The Seven Worst Kid's T-Shirts

T-shirts for babies and children worth getting your knickers in a twist over.
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9 Months T-Shirt

Because nothing says respect and admiration for the miracle of childbirth and a woman’s body than “Hole.” (

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Finally – though it’s not a sick and twisted sexual joke T-shirt (Boo!) – an honorable mention goes to…

“For the Haves and the Have Mores”

 Have Mores T-Shirt

“Being a brat is fashionable with ARISTABRAT’S signature Haves and Have Mores bejeweled crest in gold on the front, and Austrian crystal-encrusted logo on the back.” (

Doesn’t a jewel-encrusted logo sound nice and comfy for your bratty little baby’s sensitive skin?

Now if you’ll excuse Mama Betty, I’m going to go to a corner and quietly weep for the future.

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